Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Skeleton warriors

Finally, I’ve managed to get a whole unit of Skeleton warriors done! Well ten more models painted, the other ten were done years ago. I’m happy to have gotten this neglected unit proper attention, now part of my growing undead collection.

This unit is based on one of the many vast legions of Deathrattle that served the Wight King, during the strike attack at Glymmsforge. Fighting alongside the Deadwalkers and Nighthaunt, the hordes of fleshless dead served their master by marching into battle with tireless resolve to breach the defences.

As part of my allied detachment for the Nighthaunt army, I’ve been trying to get as much Deathrattle done as possible (whilst I still have my enthusiastic energy going). It’s paid off so far, getting this lot painted is just another step closer to getting all of my neglected Death models painted.

In fact, I only need to paint a unit of Grave Guard for my Deathrattle force! It’ll be a lot more challenging as only two of eight were painted, and it’ll be hard for me to replicate the colour scheme. But fingers crossed I might get it done right!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



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