My workspace

I thought I’d share some insight into what my workspace is like, what inspires me and how I get motivated.

My work station isn’t the prettiest space to work on and it’s not as big as many hobbyist work tables. But it’s where I work on painting and glueing models you see on this blog. So far it’s really helped my flow of getting more models painted ready for displaying on my shelf. But how did I come to painting on this small table?

I used to paint in the dining room with newspaper as cover to protect the table, and having to cope with havoc of noises, distractions and my late dog wanting to reach for the paint brushed tissue paper. I got to the point where I needed my own space to work on my projects undisturbed, so with a camping table and barely much space left, I had my painting workstation in my room.

Not exactly pro quality set up, but I like it better than being distracted.

It’s been about a year or year and a half now since I first set up my office, and so far it’s still intact. I’ve noticed how much of a difference it is having my own space, it’s given me more time to unwind and stress less. Over the past year it’s helped me a lot in coping with stress from college work and problems that I had to deal with during my attendance.

I’ve slowly added magazine cases for my hobby codex’s and army books, easier access for me to look for inspiration. I wouldn’t need to go into my book piled draw storage and sort out what books I wanted to read, and have a pile of books yet to be stored. Now I can just pick what I want to read what’s in front of me.

Speaking of books, my inspiration doesn’t only come from the codexs and army books, I also take a lot of inspiration from reading literature. I had a shelf made years back to store my books, manga books and anime dvds.

Over time though, I have moved away from anime and manga as I was growing up and started to open up space for more BL books. Now my bookshelf is slowly becoming a shrine to all things Black Library, surely the Harlequins will be on my case for keeping these forbidden knowledge.

For motivation on my projects, I tend to put on some music that can set me into the mood for painting. Such examples are instrumental music by Jeremy Soule, Inon Zur, Paul Leonard-Morgan and Mitch Murder. Already many of these artists come from different music genres, which I find helps change pace on my flow of work on painting miniatures.

Other times I listen to commentary on YouTube from Warhammer 40k channels like Adeptus Podcastus, Oculus Imperia, Chapter Master Valrak, Kirioth, Kitetsu and many more. It’s really engaging to paint models whilst listening to something fun and interesting, especially if you can learn new things on the go.

Finally, audio dramas are great to get into the mood of listening to a story whilst painting, wether it be a AoS or 40k, it’s great to have a zone of narrative to inspire you to keep painting. It helps me take my mind off the boring process at times when painting many models in batches.

I hope this post was interesting and helpful for how you can set up your own painting workspace, even if it might be the size of a camping table. If you have any questions or suggestions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



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