Fleetmaster Tallinia the Blood Witch of the Sea

I had some spare unused Black Ark Corsairs (which would have been added to my current unit to 40 models, but I got too keen on kitbashing some years ago) and decided to kitbash one as my Fleetmaster. Since the current plastic kit is not on shelves and online only, I took this as an opportunity to create my own.

I wanted my Fleetmaster to have hints of a past life as Witch Elf Who is now an outcast of her cult, and became something more as a fearsome and ill tempered pirate. These hints include her dyed white hair having blood dye on the right, and her face having many ritual scars from her Cult days.

To make the model look more unique and female, I used a spare head from the Sisters of Silence kit which has some of the best female head sculpts by GW. For the chest I used a spare shoulder plate from a Kharadron Overlords set, which I glued onto the model as if the armour was master crafted (not by Dwarfs). Finally, I used a spare Dark Eldar part to the left hand side of the model as I liked the sleek design of the weapon and armour.

And that’s nearly it for my Pirate side of my Dark Elves army, only ten more Black Ark Corsairs to add to my current unit before I’m done with the pirates.

Should I do use a pirate pun for my last pirate Elves post?


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



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