Inspired Soul Wars Collection: An Executioner awaits her due

Warning!!! This post will contain spoilers for both the novel, Soul Wars, and the AoS Realmgate Wars audio drama series.


Today marks the fort of many posts that I’m doing as part of my AoS collection based on the characters and troops from the novel, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. I was inspired by the way the characters had an interesting backstories and motivations that were honestly too good to put the book down. Even the mortals were fascinating to read, like how cats were drawn to a girl named Elya, as if she may or may not be special.

I could go on about the story, but I don’t want spoil it here! I’ll add some of my own thoughts about the story and characters throughout this blog post series. So who will be my first focus for part one? Well I knew I had to do the Lord Executioner, who I’ve based mine on a character called Entyr Rocha, lady of the fourth circle. In her past life she was an Executioner in Helstone who took an obsessive joy in chopping off heads, many of her victims were innocent (but that didn’t register in her mind).

She had one bigger obsession, she wanted the Prince of Helstone, Tarsem (Tarsem would become Lord Celestant Tarsus Bullheart of the Hallowed Knights, his story can be found in the AoS Realmgate Wars audio drama series). Luckily for him, he was saved by Sigmar and sent Azyr to be reforged, leaving Rocha alone without her prince. Today, nothing has changed much for Rocha as she still reaps the innocent like a a farmer reaping his crops. Although now she’s a Lord Executioner who served under Pharus Thaum (I’ll elaborate more on him another time 😉) during the war at Glymmsforge.

I think it’s an irony for Rocha that her prince is now gone forever, as when we last heard from Tarsus, he was in a heated combat against Nagash. I think Nagash has a sick sense of humour to hide the fact that Tarsem is now his as a trapped soul, If only Rocha knew what her master knew.

when I got my hands on the Tempest of Souls boxset, the model itself is a fantastically sculpted model. I knew that I needed to paint Rocha with a new colour scheme that can visually capture the changing ethereal glow.

I’ve also painted some Glaivewraith Stalkers too!

That’s all I’ve got for part one for today. I’m really enthusiastic about this project going forward, as of typing this post I’ve already nearly painted the Nighthaunt models in the Tempest of Souls set.

I would highly recommend giving Soul Wars a read if your interested in ghosts, horror, lore and a good story to read. If you liked Hammerhal (also by Josh Reynolds) for its focus on the people and culture in the the realm of Ghyran, then you’ll enjoy Soul Wars’s location focus at Glymmsforge.

Oh, and write down some notes along the way whilst you read Soul Wars, as a certain character has an interesting past that I won’t spoil here 😉.

Next up, more ghosts! As well as my first painted Sacrosanct model of an Evocator called Helios.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: An Executioner awaits her due

    1. I totally agree with you! The Nighthaunt models (and SE) are amazing, the box set has the best starter set models to date. It’s an improvement from AoS 1.0 starter set, whilst the first set wasn’t terrible, it lacked both the narrative engagement and creativity.

      Death armies really needed new stuff this year, Order and Chaos got too much attention for the last two years. Thankfully, it’s good to see that GW have done the Nighthaunt this year!


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