Painting Emperors Children

After painting my two Knight Armiger Helverin’s for my small House Devine force, I wanted to try and add some Emperors Children to the force to make it more thematically. Adding a unit or two of Noise marines was a fitting choice, why have average marines when you can have a unit of ear bursting noise specialists?

Only problem was that the current Noise marine kit was a very old upgrade kit, which look outdated now. FW own kit of Noise marines was an option, but I don’t buy stuff online and the price wasn’t to my liking. So I went and started an experiment to kitbash Primaris Space marine models to create true scale heretic Astartes.

I’ve used various Chaos space marine bitz as well as other bitz to make a fairly decent looking Noise marines. I wanted to paint a Primaris sized marine model because I find these to be more enjoyable to paint compared to the smaller old kits. I was inspired by a post on Iron Sleet that really inspired me to try to do something similar, I have a link here to the post if your interested.

Below is my painting scheme for painting quick and simple Emperors Children models whiteout too much complexity.

1) Basecoat the model in Screamer pink with Model colour black for the bolter, followed by a shade of Druchii Violet.

2) Drybrush the model using Pink Horror.

3) Then make a second drybrush using Emperors Children, as well as paint black for plating as seen in the photo. Use Model Colour off-white for the eye lenses.

4) Use a mix 1/3 of Warboss Green and Lahmian Medium, use Ardcoat for the black painted areas.

5) To paint the blue nerve pattern, use Kantor blue as a basic line, then layer over (not completely covering the Kantor blue lines) with Alaitoc blue, use Lothren blue to end points of the pattern. To finish off, paint small white dots on the patterns.

For the base, use Stirland mud followed by a shade of Reikland Fleshade. Then drybrush using using Model Colour flat brown, and finally a mix of flat brown and off-white and drybrush over the base. Then gloss the base using Ardcoat.


Here’s another model I did using the same colour scheme on my kitbashed Noise marines.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Painting Emperors Children

  1. Nice -I am a keen follower of Truescale Chaos Marine projects – I’m tempted to do a few just for inq28 play. Looking forward to see if GW do a tainted version of the Primaris when they have finished releasing updated 8th ed codexes for all of the old factions.

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    1. Thank you!

      Let’s hope so, the current CS kits are quite frankly looking outdated in comparison to the Primaris marines. Hopefully GW will do just as good like they did with the Thousand Sons and the Death Guard marines.

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