House Devine, Armiger Knights

In the darkest times of the Horus Heresy, nothing could prepare the Imperium of man for the betrayal of Molech, when House Devine turned its weapons on its allies as the Knights were ensnared into Slannesh’s tender whispers. Once a house ruled by nobility of the knightly order that banished its traditions of the old ways to embrace the new age of the Imperium of man, but is now nothing more than a depraved and twisted name that is all but erased from history.

They say not all of the old ways died out, for the Serpent Cult still lived in secret to perform insidious and depraved rituals, even some say that House Devine’s previous king ,Cyprian, own son and daughter were part of this cult. However one thing is certain is that the Imperial Knight House was damned when it turned away from the Emperor. To this day, they say that the traitoris Knight house lives on in the Eye of Terror, hunting for prey and to better sensations that they hunger for. One day, when the Devine blood gathers together again after many years of separation of agendas, they’ll bear to arms the weapons of the corrupted Knights to strike back to retake their birthright of Molech………


Finding what livery colours Devine was?

When the Imperial Knights were released recently, I was thinking “Cool, awesome stuff! But when will Chaos get some Knights?”. I’ve always liked the concept of Traitoris Knight Houses that have been warped and preserved by the Eye of Terror, a spitting image of noble knights that lack order and nobility like the Imperiums loyal Houses.

But then Renegade Knights was released as a free PDF and I was like “now we’re talking!”. So after my final day at College I decided to treat myself to a box of Armiger Knights to kick off my small Knight House. I’ve read Horus Heresy: Vengeful Spirit many years ago that mentioned about a Knight House called Devine, which had one of the sickest and barbaric backgrounds I’ve ever read, and that’s the sort of army I wanted to represent my Traitoris Knight army! With the kit glued and the spare spiky bitz glued on (for that Slanneshi effect!) there was just one problem, what colour was House Devine?

…….you wouldn’t believe the amount of confusion I’ve had narrowing down what colour the Knights were…….

Since I was too lazy at the time to read Vengeful Spirit for the answer, I went on Warhammer 40k Wiki for details and any images of the livery. It said that the House was a livery colour of green and black and I thought this sounded right at first, considering the whole house was based around slaying giant lizards called Naga (even their heraldry has a lizards being entwined with a glorious golden eagle, representing the Imperium).

But then there was a problem, as the Naga has black and white scales (which didn’t even mention green), So why did the wiki have black and green as the livery colours? Hmmm. Well what about the post Heresy colour scheme? Pastel pink, meh, it’s too generic for Slanneshi Knight, and I preferred to keep the Heresy version if there was one.

So then I checked on Lexicanum to see what they had to say on the colour of the Knight house. Interestingly, they put it as ‘unknown’ even for post Heresy colour scheme. This was contradictory as both sites have two completely different information about House Devine’s colour scheme. What about the sources? Well the sources were okay-ish, but no visual evidence on what the colour scheme was. However, I do have both Horus Heresy books of Vengeful Spirit and Devine Adoratrice for lore on the Knight house.

With these in hand I checked to see any description on what the colour scheme might be from the current publication of lore on House Devine. Since the book is the most current lore update on the house, it would be the factual answer to date (unless retconned in future publications).

The result was…………an odd one, so in the short story Devine Adoratrice, Cyprian’s Knight, Hellblade, is green and black (House Adoratrice page 29). However, in the book Vengeful Spirt, Reaven’s (Cyprians son) Knight is Vermillion/ Crimson and Ebony.

Yeah, completely different from what both sites have mentioned, as well as both books. It turns out House Devine wore red carapace as described during the first paragraph about Raeven’s Knight, Banelash (Vengeful Spirit page 66) and also described during Albards illusion of two House Devine Knights in Crimson (Vengeful Spirit page 295).

It’s odd now to think that there’s a conflicting information on a simple matter of a Knight Houses colour livery, a lack of context as to why Reavens Knight is coloured differently to Cyprians is most confusing. I’m hoping that in the future Forge World will elaborate more on the livery of House Devine in a HH book. Explaining what was the original livery and state wether or not the red knights were just a rank of colour, or an editorial error to be retconned.

In the end, I went for vermillion and Ebony, because it was the latest lore content about the house, and what Reaven and Albards description about the Imperial Knights. I’ll base mine on my Knights being in alliance to Albard, painting the Knights carapace red and black to show their allegiance to the last son of Devine.

Painting House Devine

To paint the livery of House Devine (the red and black carapace knights like Banelash), you’ll need the following paints.

  • Model colour off-white
  • Model colour matt black
  • Model colour flat brown
  • Model colour gold
  • Model colour boltgun metal
  • Khorne Red
  • Evil Sunz Red
  • Ardcoat
  • Lahimia medium
  • Knator blue
  • Lothren blue
  • Alaitoc blue
  • Screamer pink
  • Emperors Children
  • Pink horror
  • Warboss green
  • Reikland Fleshade
  • Druchii Violet
  • Light silver acrylic spray

Below is a step by step guide on painting the Armiger Knights.

Colour scheme:

  1. Basecoat- light silver spray, shade after with Druchii Violet.
  2. Drybrush Model colour off white lightly.
  3. Basecoat red in Khorne Red, and Black areas in Model colour Matt black.
  4. Mix 1/3 Gold and brown Model colour acrylic as a trim paint.
  5. Basecoat the symbol in Screamer pink.
  6. Shade the stubbed gun in Reikland Fleshade.
  7. Shade the edges and gaps with Nul Oil on the carapace (not on flat surfaces).
  8. Shade the trim in Reikland Fleshade.
  9. Shade the symbol in Druchii Violet.
  10. Drybrush the the trims with a mix of 1/3 Model colour off white and boltgun metal.
  11. Use lahimia medium mixed with Warboss green as a shade, and paint over the eye lenses of the Knight. Finish this off with a gloss coat of ardcoat.
  12. Highlight the edges of the red carapace in Evil Sunz Red.
  13. Drybrush the symbol with Pink horror followed by Emperors Children.
  14. Highlight the black carapace with skavenblight dinge.
  15. To paint the glass view on the door, basecoat the window in Kantor blue, highlight with lothren blue and edge highlight with Alaitoc blue. Then add spots of Modek colour Off-white to create light reflection, followed by a gloss coating of Ardcoat.
  16. Finally, use texture paint of Stirland Mud, shade it in Reikland fleshade and drybrush in flat brown. Then do a 1/3 mix of off-white and flat brown and drybrush, to cap off, use Ardcoat on the base to make the mud look wet as if it was raining.

The result should look like this.

I’ve decided to make the metal sections a purple tint with white drybrush to make it look pastel pink. This pays homage to the post Heresy livery, as I didn’t want the metal parts looking too rusty or grimy to be mixed up with Nurgle and Khorne. The pastel pink helps to visual tie the model to the patron of Slannesh, who House Devine pledged their devotion to.

I’ve used transfers from the current Chaos Spacemarine decals, mostly using the Slanneshi symbols and Emperors Children icon. I’d imagine these two knights have been part of many battles alongside the Emperors Children post Heresy.

I’ve used spare parts from various Chaos Spacemarine kits, mostly from tanks and vehicles decorations. These added additions completed changes the Armiger knights appearance to look more terrifying and barbaric. Rather than adding tentacles, warp plating, Slanneshi warped madness and etc, I’ve gone for limiting my knights customisation as little as possible. I wanted to limit myself as I felt that adding too much kitbashing would ruin the models, having too much decoration will take the focus away from the model with all manner of parts.

Overall, I’ve had a great time with building these two Armiger knights. It’s been a fun project researching about a renegade knight house that was tainted by the prince of pleasure, as well as finding out what the livery colour was in lore.

If possible, I’d like to add a knights Paladin Knight to the army to cap it off, or even more Armiger knights as a collection of hunters. However, imperial (I mean Renegade knights) aren’t cheap. If I can’t fill in my 1,000pt list with knights in time, I do have a plan B just in case!

Oh and for those of you who want to get a visual scale on how tall the Armiger knights are, I have a comparison photo below!

on the left is a ‘chaos-not primaris’ Noise marine, a Lord Celestant on a Dracoth and an Knight Armiger Helverin


That’s all from me for today. I hope you have enjoyed this very long post, if you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



For sources on where to find out more about House Devine, and where I got my facts and information from, I have a source list below that you can check out!

  • M. Graham, Horus Heresy book 29: Vengeful Spirit (2014), Black Library publication.

-Livery colour sources p.66 and p.295

  • M. Graham, Horus Heresy: House Adoratrice (2014), Black Library publication.

– livery colour of Cyprian Devine’s knight sources p.29

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