Recommended bloggers month (May and June 2018): Ork month

Welcome to very different recommend bloggers month, as this month will be focusing on all things Warhammer 40k Orks. I’m currently working on my own Ork collection, so I’ve decided to find some inspiration from experienced Ork collectors.

Let’s get ready to blast, crunch, stomp and Waaaaaaagggggghhhh!!!!


First up is one smashingly good Ork boy painted by tinybloodlust, great attention to detail and contrast to the model.

Next, greeskinz go all fast and red with Tablestandard’s Evil sunz army list.

Now here’s something for the Ork think tank to consider for a new invention, as Hobbyistgirlblog has kitbashed one really badass creation.

Lastly, something different from the rest as this one isn’t a blog post on WordPress, but instead a video by kitetsu, who primarily does Warhammer AoS videos. A few weeks ago he did a Warhammer 40k video on his Ork collection, check out the link below to watch his video on his YT page.


Thank you for reading this post. Sorry for this being late for May, I had a set back for personal reasons which unfortunately pushed back the post to June. I’ve decided that this will be both a May and June recommend bloggers post.

If you have any suggestions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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