Recovering Warhammer relics from the 90’s

Today I have a few items that I’ve recently found whilst looking around an outdoor market, such items on sale are either good, okay-ish, or just odd. However, with a good eye and the right timing, I was able to grab three classic Inferno issues and one very rare book.

Let’s start off with the Inferno magazines, which I think most readers on this blog will be interested to know. Just by chance when I was looking around the indoor market area, three issues of Inferno were stacked on a card shelf with birthday cards and greeting cards (don’t ask me why they were stacked there).

Having recognised these at first sight (and that sick Iron Snakes cover), I got them all at a very generous price. So what issues did I get?

It’s strange when reading these issue, as a lot has changed since their original release date, like for example, the visual imagery of the Space marines (the comic series ‘Obvious tactics’ had some very chunky toy like appearance). But this doesn’t mean to say that Inferno was bad, but rather it’s an interesting look at the past in fiction and imagery.

The mixture of short stories and comic parts (Deff Squadron is bloody fantastic by the way!), helped to further the mythos and stories of both Warhammer fantasy and 40k. But alas, the magazine stopped its publication in mid 2000 (by cancellation? Citation), so sadly Inferno was left in the dusty catacombs of GW’s vault.

However, great news is, Inferno is back! But not as we know it, as it won’t be released as a magazine format, instead being a book of anthologies by various authors.

Whilst this is great news, I do think that it’s just a case of an old favourite franchise having its title slapped on a product for nostalgia and sales. I know some of you will say that Black library is a business and it has free rein to do what it wants. I understand that completely since money is what keeps the industry going.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the new Inferno is just as good as the old magazines.

Finally, we have a very old book that was published way back in 1994, the final in Orfeo trilogy, Storm Warriors by Brian Craig.

I had no idea this book was a thing until I found it by chance in a book stall (near the out door market) next to an old Warhammer pc game (sadly no longer playable). Funny thing was, I didn’t know there were books released before Black Library was started up, but it turns out Boxtree used to do publications for Games Workshop.

I haven’t even read the book yet, although I’ve read a review which gave it a decent score.

Have you guys read Storm Warriors and Inferno before? If so, let me know what your thoughts are below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Until next time,


Take a break, take a Khorne flake

Lately things have been difficult with course work, reality, motivation and etc. I’ve been distracted from blogging (apart from updates on my art work and other stuff), but nothing big like my model painting collection or lore series on the Grey-manes. I think I’ve reached that time of year when my energy is low from my final course work project.

Up until now, I’ve been taking blogging way too seriously as if I’m working for a company on a deadline, I’ve always tried to maintain a good standard for blogging. But I’ve noticed that most bloggers don’t tend to take deadlines too seriously, but instead post at their own pace like once a week, bi weekly or monthly. I’ve realised now that I need to be more flexible and enjoy what I’m doing without pushing myself too much, and post when I feel like posting.

I want to get my motivation back after several months now where my creativity has been lacking for blog posting. I know I can do better, heck I used to post a lot more last year than now. I need to have a clear direction on where I need to go as well as not taking it too seriously.

So that’s why I’ve been absent with table top hobby posts for while now, not because I’m being lazy, but because I have a lot on my mind for the past couple of months.

Just an update on projects currently in the WIP.

  • I’ve been building a backlog of models completed a few weeks ago, which will hopefully be shown on the blog at some point next week. It’s just Khorne Bloodbound at the minute as I’ve had a major reboot on the whole collection from Axes of Skarbrand to The Skullfiend Tribe. Good news is, pretty much nearly all of my models are painted apart from a few hero’s, Bloodreavers, Blood Warriors and a unit of Chaos Warriors.
  • As for the Novamarine project, that’s still in the planning stages for now. I’m getting a check list ready for what paints I’ll need, and how I’m going to approach this project.
  • The Black Templars Collection is nearly done, so very nearly done. I only need to paint five more crusaders and some minor improvements on previous marines, which will finally end this year long project for good.
  • Stormcast Eternals are shaping up well, my Lords of the Pisces is nearly complete as I only need to paint one unit of Judicators and add a Paladin unit. Finally it will complete 1/3 of a Warrior Chamber list (I’m only doing 1/3 of a list and not the full chamber). My Knights Excelsior are taking a break at the minute as I needed some new fine paint brushes. I’ll be getting back to painting this lot very soon.
  • Harbinger Legion is on a break, however I have more than enough models to fill in a patrol and battalion detachment. So priorities on this project are on hold for now.
  • Project [expunged by Inquisitor Ashenpher Reginald III, Ordo Xenos] has just been started with all models glued.

Other projects that are done (D), delayed (De) for current projects until further notice or abandoned (A).

  • Clan Moulder (D).
  • Nurgle warband (De)
  • Skaven Collection (De)
  • Iron Scarabs chapter (D)
  • Inquisition warband Silence if the Shroud (D)
  • Death grand alliance (A)
  • Liverbone Court (De)
  • Dark Elves (De)
  • Scenery (De)

I’ve got a special post coming up that will interest new and old hobbyists, as I’ll be doing a retro post on my recent discovery of three Inferno issues and a very old Warhammer book, Storm warriors.

Until next time,