Its been a very tight month for my first challenge on building an Ork army using the Start Collecting! Set. I’ve had to take an on and off progress of painting my models as I’ve got course work mixed in during the month. The hardest part would have to be painting the Ork Boyz and the Deff Dread, as the former was time consuming to paint consistently, and the latter being my first model tested using my own colour scheme for that bright flashy yellow coat.

However, I was able to finish my start collecting! Set in under a month, as all of the models are painted (but not based). I do like the yellow colours scheme as it has a shiny matt coating that doesn’t look flat (thanks to some scratches and rusted edge highlighting).

My only criticism would be that I wished that haven’t mistakenly shaded the whole armour of the Nobz. This isn’t too bad as they still look good, but the yellow armour colour does look more darker than the rest of the collection.

So without further or do, here’s what I’ve done so far for month one of my army challenge. I’m not going to go into too much detail as The pictures say it all, Enjoy!

Dok Grubstokk, cunning and professional Dok*.

Deff Dread Dogrrak the Savage, just look at him running like he was just born yesterday**

Nob Boss Gobruk and da Boyz ready to start the party!

Mekboy Rugbourk, tiny fella (for an Oddboy) with da best skills for fixing and building things.

Nobz, cus every Ork warband needs one…..

That’s all I’ve painted for month one, I thought it wasn’t possible to get these models done in time, but Morka must be helping me (or was it Gorka?). I’ve been inspired by a lot of resources for the orks from BL book samples like the Evil Sun Rising (written by Guy Haley), lore on the Bad Moons, Feral Orks and of course, a hardback copy of Fifteen Hours by Mitchel Scanlon. I’m honestly asking myself now why I didn’t get into collecting Orks when I first started this hobby, they’re a faction that fit my style of humour/ creativity without any nonsense.

You may have noticed that I don’t have a HQ leading my force (since there was none in the starter set), so I’ve decided to kitbash my own HQ’s instead! Below are my Warboss and Weirdboy side by side ready to cause some carnage.

Its too early for me to go into details on these guys, but keep an eye out for these two for next month (or the month after that if I’m too fat and lazy to get them done).

Now that my first month of three is done ( my series is only going to be half of the traditional ATFW as I’m not committing to a big force, as well as other things), I can now move on to adding more greenskins to my growing army. Next month, my challenge will be to paint a second unit of Troops and a Fast attack option. Time to get some Gretchins ready…….


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any suggestions or suggestions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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