Yesterday as I was looking around my local newsagent for the latest White Dwarf magazine, I happen to come across a magazine called Miniature Wargaming. On the cover was a free sprue of an orange plastic frame containing two cyber dogs from a miniature game called Wild West Exodus.

I’ve only ever seen WWE at a model train shop, which had a few kits on display of various factions. I thought it would be silly to pass this up, as the kit would normally be priced at £17, the magazine only costing around £4.50 (a saving of £12.50!). The article inside about WWE was actually pretty cool, the game setting sounded like a really fun game to play. I can see some of the kits being used to be kitbashed for Imperial Guard, like the minute men.

Here’s what I’ve assembled from the spruce free with the magazine.

For a comparison size difference, I’ll be using an Ork Boyz model to show just how big these K9 Gun dogs are!

(whilst the base is slightly taller than GW’s bases, it’s still just about the same height as an Ork!)

The kit was pretty simple to build for a single sprue, although some mould lines needed removing before assembling. I like the design of the models with the mixture of industrial metal work mixed with Sci-Fi elements, not bad for a free gift!


If you guys are interested in Wild West Exodus and you want to feature more models from the range, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do.

I’ve got a new post coming soon that will be a spin on the Tale of Four Warlords, so keep your eyes peeled (but not literally).

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “Wild West Exodus K9 Gun dogs

  1. Ohhh so that’s the freebie this month. I believe Miniature Wargaming is the sister magazine to Tabletop Gaming as they sometimes package the two together. I read Tabletop more, but both are good magazines.

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    1. I was surprised myself when I did the comparison, could be a good kitbash for Cyberboar mounts for feral Orks!

      I do like western cowboy stuff, especially now that there’s WWE. The human models Would fit really well for kitbashing as a Necromunda gang, or imperial Guardsmen.

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