Recommend Bloggers month (April 2018)

My first post about bloggers that I had recommended went very well, I was happy to see that the post had a positive reception. I’m aiming to do this as once a month schedule, so I can take my time to find more talented bloggers.

Today I wanted to continue this by recommending more bloggers that I’ve read and followed.

Tales from the Aaronorium

First up is a blog site that’s not got only one blogger, but four talented hobbyist that form the Aaronirium. These four horsemen of Mortarion include: The-actual-colin, The-grim-docness, Ross and Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Currently, the blog is doing an AoS series (like tale of four warlords) where each member of the Aaronorium build and grow their grand alliance to a fully painted Skirmish force. They’re also doing some 40k hobby posts (check Ross’s posts for his awesome 40k painting).

The reason why I’ve recommended this blog is because each of the hobbyists on the blog site have their own unique talents and skills for their growing collections. For example, The-grim-docness has a fantastic collection of Stormcast Eternals with one of the best kit bashed models I’ve seen for SE (you’ll have to check his posts as I won’t spoil the surprise here 😏). Another example is the Sylvaneth collection by Ross, who has put a great deal of effort to decorate his bases look natural and alive (like Ghyran, without any hint of Nurgle’s blessings).

The-actual-colin isn’t to be trifled with, for this Ork boss has a massive Ork army ready for stomping. The painting is really good, especially how Colin achieves a unique colour scheme to his green skins. When you read his opening paragraph with “this week I have been mostly been——“, you know someone’s been watching the Fast Show.

Finally there’s Aaron, if you’ve been reading Black Library books and read Warhammer Community blog, you’ll already know who he is. He’s the chapter master of the blogsite, and he’s actually really good at painting terrain.

I’d recommend looking into Tales of the Aaronorium If you want to learn more about the processes that go into building a new army. It’s also a great place to see AoS content, as currently there’s not much AoS content than 40k.

Link here to see each of the Aaronoughts posts from the beginning of their AoS series:

The Roost of Turkeydactyle

What do you get when nature decides to blend one of planet earths most terrifying airborne creatures, and one of Decembers favourite main course?

A Turkeydactyle!

I’ve been following Turkeydactyle for a few years now, and it’s still interesting to read his posts on his latest/ current projects. My favourite post would have to be his post series on his painting of St. Celestine, a really finely painted model indeed (you can see the process painting post here to the blog page).

Another post that like was the Spartember post series, where Turkeydactyle had a number of posts where he built his Spartan Land Raider. This is a good series that shows the amount of hard work that goes into preparing and building a resin kit. If your interested in reading more about Spartember, I have a link here to the blog page.

Turkeydactyle is a hard working hobbyist who has done lots of fantastic blog posts and model painting, I highly recommend looking at his blog site if you haven’t yet.

High times on the Eastern Fringe

Imagine if Tzeentch decided to weave a a thread of having a disciple in M2 to be the greatest pawn to the Great game, and would have completed his tasks for Tzeentch to win against his brother gods before the Horus Heresy ever happen. Only to be bested by a mortal by the name of ‘East’ who was also part of Tzeentch’s great game of conspiracies, through some complex planning and web weaving.

Well, the High times on the Eastern Fringe maybe just that very disciple, having an army of Thousand sons in his collection, with ‘East’ in his name. The plot thickens…..

I think East has a really good paint scheme for his TS marines, there’s a very magical and kinda eldritch look to his marines that makes them come to life. Whilst GW did a grand job with their TS painting, I felt that East really nailed the mystic element to the TS better.

I’ll list below some of my favourite TS blog post by East:

East does other posts on painting small projects, but his work on his TS collection is the spotlight on his talents. Again, I’d recommend seeing East’s blog if your a fan of the Changer of way, a great talent and enthusiasm for the hobby!


I’m gonna end it here as I’m out of juice to carry on listing recommendations for now. But I’ve mentioned six (four on one blog site) to be fair though, so that’s a good excuse aye?

In all seriousness though, I’ve enjoyed typing and showing you guys these talented hobbyists hat I think deserve your attention. I’ve put a lot of effort into typing this one, so I hope it’s up to your standards of reading (if not, I’m a certified heretic that must be purged).

So I have until the end of May to type another recommendation post, so I’ll be seeing you guys this time next month for another recommended bloggers month.

-Bjorn (the certified heretic)

6 thoughts on “Recommend Bloggers month (April 2018)

  1. Many thanks, Bjorn! These posts are super-helpful at finding other blogs with amazing content – really loving some of the stuff this and your last similar post have linked to! Cheers for taking the time to collate some really cool blogs!

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