Nine years later!

A big milestone for me this month, as it marks nine years since I’ve first brought my copy of White Dwarf (which was how I got into the hobby). Nine years, it’s been that long, I feel old lol.

My first issue of White Dwarf still intact and full of nostalgia!

If it wasn’t for a random encounter of the magazine at my local newsagents, I wouldn’t have joined the hobby. It wouldn’t be until April/May time when I’d start my journey into the hobby after buying an issue (Imperial Guard release issue) of White Dwarf from my local GW store.

Thanks to White Dwarf, I’ve found a hobby that would take me to where I am today, it was because of the creative painting side that pushed me to be an artist as a career.

So happy ninth anniversary to me! I dread what my 10th anniversary will be like…


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