Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 10

At long last, part ten has arrived with not only a comeback for my Black Templars Collection series this year, but also a chance for me to get back into painting this faction.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually painted my last Black Templars model, more than likely during Sumner or Autumn time? Anyways, so after my last post (part 9), I’ve made the decision to leave the Primaris marines (who would later become my own Ultima founding chapter, the Iron Scarabs) as the the scale difference was pretty bad for me. My motivation to paint the smaller old marines was admittedly sluggish, having only applied one edge highlight on one marine before I quitted.

After a long overdue break, I came across a trailer for part X of Helsreach, a fan made and unofficial series by Richard Boylan, based on the book by Aaron Dembski Bowden. (If your interested to watch the series for yourself, check out the link here to the creators YouTube page:

I was inspired by the Black Templars in the series, after watching all ten episodes I was inspired by Grimaldus’ actions as a devoted Chaplin and a smart thinker.

With that said, it was time for me to get some painting done.

WIP unit, so far, five models are near completion with only a few touch ups and decal transfer.

Sword Brethren Anthonix

Crusader Bathenii

Crusader Davanti

Crusader Farnlok

Crusader Likenzo

As you can see, it’s a WIP production at the minute with the squad. I’ve got five more marines to paint (all with bolt pistols and chain blades like traditional Crusaders) which will total to unit of ten. It’s been a rough start getting my established routine back on track, but it’s improving as I’ve carried on. My only criticism is that my decal sheet is acting odd, my transfers seem to disintegrate once wet for 30 seconds. Wether it’s due to the water or the sheets old age, I’m not quite sure yet on it.

Next up, I’ll be continuing painting this unit with additional improvements, and getting my next five models finished. After that, I’ll see if I can finally get some Sisters of Silence painted and even a Landspeeder painted too.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any suggestions or questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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