The Time of tribulation month (1/3)- King Astortha, Ruler of Furiosious Hold

“I am the king of Furiosious!!! How dare you insult my people with your blight of falsehood and crazed devotions to that corpse of a Necromancer Nagash!!!” The king on his throne roars his lungs out like a grated blade sharpen by stone. He stared at the messenger, who’s appearance is concealed by a black hooded cloak. Still as stone and unshaken by the Kings outburst is silent as a grave.

Astortha continues his fury outburst with a deep tone, with some pride in his speach. “In Furiosious, the people learn to survive not by cheating death with magic or blasted prayers to the gods, we survive because we sacrifice ourselves so that a new generation can carry on our traditions. They carry the linage, the soul and the legends of Furiosious alive”.

“If Nagash wants me to bow down to his wretched rule after what he did to my Queen, he took her as a pawn for his legion of the undead. No, no I will not join his side, I’ll smite his face with my bare hands and drag him to the edge of the realm myself. I’ll cast every single necromantic abominations to the edge until all of the realms are free from Nagash’s vile magic”.

now the king rises from his throne, determined to set the record straight to the ‘thing’ in front of him, who dared Astortha to join Neferata’s conquest for Skorton, and join Nagash at his side once again. “My name is king Astortha, son of Darmik, ruler of the fire and soul of Furiosious! Tell your mistress Neferata to turn back, or face the men and women of Furiosious’s rage!

– king Astortha’s speech to the messenger of Neferata, in the Hold court of Blackfire spire.

Astortha is one that can either be a great ally in times of need, or an arragont b****** who could ruin a campaign if unchecked. It is for this reason that Lord Celestant Drayven, Lancer of Sigmar, must be vigilant and firm towards the king, lest Astortha’s rage consume himself.

The Model was originally from the starter set for Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria. I’ve proxied this model as King Astortha, which suits the characteristics of a close combat warrior.

Once, a king who was considered a fair and noble leader who pitied the weak and cruel, his kindness wasn’t taken for granted by his compassion. He believed that all should be equal and be as one as a kingdom. Married to Queen Espheress, they both ruled Hold Furiosious with peace and harmony.

But such fairy tale is a hollow concept to the outside world, for such utopian life is a lie, the wicked and corrupted can pierce this reality like needles sinking into flesh.

The Hold was soon in madness as Duke Harton, a Soulblight vampire, raised an army of the undead to breach the kingdoms walls. Sent by Nagash to strip Astortha’s kingdom down for denying the god of the dead his payment of souls. Soon, the Queen would be slain and taken to the salt seas, where she would be casted into the cold black sea. Astortha, rage filled by the loss of his Queen was condemned to live the rest of his days as a rage-full shadow of his former self. His distasteful the undead his made him all the more hatefully towards the denizens of Shyish, ordering any sighting of Necromancers and dead alike to be killed on sight.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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