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Good question. The Aaronoughts are a band of misfit warriors who have banded together in search of Sigmars Golden Fleece (or fancy Sigmarite cape for those who pray to our gracious god king). The members of the warband come from different realms and races, including an industrialist Orc Boss, a fine beard duar…..Stormcast Eternal, a Fyreslayer (second best beard) and a Tau hybrid with a dryad body (don’t ask me how that happen…..).

However they are not the only ones searching for the fleece, as a philosopher of Azyr once said “every bugger wants somthin”. A Goblin Shaman by the name of Ghanorchaltovalu is a menacing and spiteful little greenskin who has made a cult of his own design. He and his Cultists seek the fleece in Oder to be recognised as an independent society by all of the Grand alliance of Destruction (In Ghanorchaltovalu’s case, building his own twisted empire)

Will the team unite against the forces of the Ghanorchaltovalu and his army of sophisticated and goblins? Will they find the the Fleece in time before the goblin Clan get their grubby goblin fingers on the precious Fleece?


Hello readers, if you have no idea what I’m blabbering on about, let me explain. A week or so ago, I came across a new blog site called The Tales from the Aaronorium, set up by Aaron and the team. It’s a blog site of all things hobby wise, including a series’s on AoS (sort of like the Tale of four Warlords).

So far, I’ve enjoyed reading each of the bloggers posts on their faction for Skirmish, it’s great to see the processes that go into planning and building an army that’s AoS related. So, as (a tribute? Dedication?), I’ve made four digital art paintings of each member of the Tales of the Aaronorium. Below are the digital paintings as well as videos on my process work.

I just want to mention that this post is meant to be a light hearted and fun post, not a spiteful nor hate based post. I was thinking of doing a fun (unofficial) backstory to each character, but that would be crossing the line (Duardin have terrible grudges, especially Aelves!).

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed reading blog posts and seeing how hobbyists tackle different challenges. It’s inspired me so much that I’m now attempting to finally finish off my Stormcast Eternals army, and get to join in a game of AoS at my local GW store!

With that said, I wish the best of luck to the Aaronites on their journey with their AoS Skirmish collections.



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