Upcoming art project: clay sculpting

Project proposal

For unit 10, I want to base my Inside/Outside project theme on Pyroclastic human forms, inspired by the aftermath of the Pompeii volcano eruption. I’ve chosen this theme because it’s a rare phenomenon to see someone’s last minutes alive frozen in time by ash, a very powerful and physical message of the devastation that killed many living in Pompeii.

I’ll be using my Chosen artist research on Rodin, who is a sculpture artist with a wide range of sculptures that can inspire my work on Pyroclastic. I’ve chosen Rodin as my inspiration, because of his life like creations with some looking like Pyroclastic affects. I’ll be focusing on his sculpting skills, how he achieves his masterclass creations.

My chosen medium will be clay, as I can see many creative ideas by using clay to form Pyroclastic objects. It’s flexible and useful for moulding imperfect, but human forms in a similar way as my subject theme. I’ll be doing sample recreations on Rodins works using clay, which will help me to understand the medium and to further develop my work. For my development work, I’ll be using inks and Fine liner pen to illustrate my designs for clay sample work, which will give me a guideline on what to create.

I intend to produce my work to a target audience at around 25-60, as the target audience on a majority are historical enthusiasts from the age gap. Many from those ages are historians, archaeologists and forensic scientists, so it makes sense to target young/ older adult audiences.

Research links

• Book- Rodin, Arts Council 1970 by The Arts Council. Second edition,designed by Richard Ekkersley, printed by Battley Brothers, London.

• National Geography, Pompeiians Flash Heated to Death- “No Time to Suffecate”, article by Maria Cristina Valsecchi. Source: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/relay.nationalgeographic.com/proxy/distribution/public/amp/news/2010/11/101102/pompeii-mount-vesuvius-science-died-instantly-heat-bodies

• BBC, Four ways to be killed by a Volcano. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/0/21938018

• Pompeii Live from the British Museum, The eruption story. Source: http://www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/exhibitions/pompeii_and_herculaneum/pompeii_live/eruption_timeline.aspx

Chosen medium- Clay sculpting

Techniques- Pot sculpting and sculpting techniques

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