Hello, and welcome back to a long overdue post on my own Warhammer 40k inquisition warband. Finally, I was able to include two more members to the warband (one that I think you will all like the most will be the Ogryn ‘Journey man’) it took me a while to get them done, but it was worth it.

The Journey man

Born in Orkstralia (an Ork infested planet named after Megaboss Gharc the pincer crab) the journey man is a legend that all Ogryns have aspire to (for 5 seconds until their head gets blown off by flighty Xenos snipers), said to appear after the war is over to collect scrap.

His equipment is………well…..a strange one. A helmet welded from a Space marine shoulder plate, a double chain blade attachment, a dreadnought knee guards from the Blood angels and his shoulder mounted military lights from ORKEA.

He seems to have a keen interest with the Order of the Shroud, so he joined for his own amusement and to tell his crazy tales to his companions. Whilst he would normally be classed as a barbaric Xenos madman, he has been sent to join the warband, backed by the High Lords themselves! Is this Heresy? A Xenos plot? Or some waaaaaagh!!! Shenanigans?

Guardsman Locke, survivor of ‘Havens point’I bet you guys might know the reference to Guardsman Locke? 😉

Now that these two have been revealed, I’ll now be showing you guys the warband in its full membership!

March/April to now (December) the journey has been a long one, building and painting each model to be its own unique character. In a universe of dark times and endless war, there are a few unfamiliar and unremembered hero’s who sacrifice themselves in the service of the Imperium and mankind itself.

I’ve had a lot of enjoyment building this warband as a side project to fully expand my creative side. Again, a very long journey in the making, but alas, it’s now finally over.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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