After some time working on the new series banner and concept story lines, I’ve finally been able to get back into releasing new homebrew lore for Warhammer AoS. Today, I’ll be introducing the first of four Exile Aelves faction backstorys, starting off with the Devoted of Malus (Order Serpentis). I hope you’ll enjoy the post!

The fall of the Nippon warriors of Yanljia

Far into the mountains of the west side of Silver Throne, a small but growing army of Exile Aelves are gathering together for war. Having spent centuries living on the mountain sides as survivors of the fall of the Grey-mane dynasty. The Exiles have rebuilt themselves from the ash and dirt of the lands called Black shards, where they’ve built sky piercing towers of black monoliths, built by blood, dirt and slavery.

It is here that they’ve found a new purpose to live and grow as fractured misfits of Aelves, having built a work force of slaves captured from nearby villages. The Aelves were once proud and disciplined warriors of the shadows, now torn apart during the Age of Chaos. 

It is said that they were once mighty Nippon warriors of the ruthless assassin, Yanlija, the Grey-mane of Shadows. After her execution at the hands of the bloodthirsty Malthran, her remaining warriors fled to the far west to survive. Many were killed by hordes of Daemons, eaten and diseased by possessed civilians of the plague god and butchered by Malthrans newly anointed Blood Warriors.

The few that have survived lived a harsh life on the cold winds of the mountain sides, many had died trying to defend themselves from barbarian raiders and ferocious predators. Over time, the Aelves became selfish and cold hearted as they fought to survive by any means, even so far as backstabbing each other.

From this point onwards, the Aelves would be divided into different factions, from Darkling Coverns, Daughters of Khaine, Order Serpentis and Scourge Privateers. 

Origins of the Devoted of Malus 

One day, unrecorded of who or what started the root of origin, a cult following of a long forgotten legend was spreading around the Order Serpentis of Garneth-Tar. This mythical legend of the World-that-was had been through many trials and treachery in his life, having even earned himself a place as champion of the Witch King himself. A legend that was none other than the cold blooded Warrior known as Malus Darkblade.

Legends of Malus are passed down from generation to generation, his tale of his rise and fall is truly the path that all Drakespawn Knights would aspire to. His tale was so awe inspiring, that many who hear it become devoted to worship him as a god. Soon, all Aelves became fixated on this cult, which overtook the old ways of the Nippon code. Then, the Aelves finally declared their new military faction name as the Devoted of Malus, consisting of only the finest Drakespawn Knights and Beastmasters.

The Grand Marshal and the Avatar of Malus Darkblade

Leading them to war is the Grand Marshal (Dreadlord) by the name of Lorstoir the Bloody lancer, having earned that name for obvious reasons as the name suggests. He leads the Order with a sick twisted mind that only the most devious and paranoid Aelve would appreciate. The Grand Marshal is the highest rank of the army, having proved to the previous occupant his mastery of war by backstabbing him to earn the title.

However, a Grand Marshal is nothing compared to the avatar of Malus Darkblade, a role granted to rare Drakespawn individuals who are worthy enough to be reborn as a spitting image of the legendary Dreadlord himself. Although they are significantly weaker than what Malus had gained in his possesion, nevertheless, these avatars are still a force that can smite the enemy with devastating effect.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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