The time is nearly upon us for the new edition to be released next week. For the majority of those who haven’t got the rule book/codex faction yet, the wait is almost over.

The fact that this new edition will run similar to the AoS Generals handbook (but not a copy and paste rule set thankfully) is what made me want to play 40k again. 

My first two games of 40k way back in 6th edition wasn’t interesting enough for me to invest into the game. I found the rules to be meh, as well as Chaos Space marines not having an interesting model range to really invest into an army of the Deathguard legion or the Word Bearers legion. However, since the Deathguard legion will be included in the new starter box with new plastic models, it might intrigue me enough to dig up my old Chaos Space marine army from the garden compost heap (jk).

Anyways, let’s get down to the main point of this post, today I wanted to show you guys my current progress on my Black Templars army. Since there’s only a week left until 8th ed is released, I’ve been focusing more on my Black Templars collection to get as much done as possible before I play them at my local GW. I wanted to play a fully painted army, as I’m not satisfied with a half painted army to play. Hopefully I can get all the models shown on this post today done by the end of the month.

Here’s what I’ve done so far for painting and building my collection, as well as two new additions to the collection.

I’ve been painting it all this week, so far looking amazing. Although it’s WIP, so there’s still tons of painting to do.

Not much has been done with my first Crusader unit, due to the fact that my spray paint canister ran out. So I’ll have to wait on these guys until I can buy a new primer spray.

 Marshal Sorvan, 2nd squad Sword Brethren and their Rhino transport. 

My plan now is to continue painting the Stormhawk Interceptor to be completed before Tuesday. Then I’ll spray paint my Chaplin, Land Raider Crusader and my Crusader squad. Finally, the Crusader squad will be painted next on my project progress.

That’s all from me for now, I hope you guys have enjoyed this update post, and hopefully I’ll see next time for part 6! Goodnight/Good day.


If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

Have an awesome day today wherever you are, 



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