When the realms were born from the destructive aftermath of the The world-that-was, civilisation began anew from the ashes of the old world. Many would start out as farmers, tribal communities and small established villages. But, unlike most civilisations, the Grey-mane Dynasty started out as a mystery to outsiders. The legends behind the founding of the dynasty may hold the answers, or even more questions as to how the dynasty first established it’s place in the mortal realms.

The Founding
During the beginning of the Age of Myth, eight individuals were created by an unknown entity at the top of the Volcano known as Valixxinum. The entity in question may have been, as Scholars have predicted, to be one of the fabled ‘Old ones’ or possibly an ancient Slann from one of Aqshy’s many constellations. But none have so far produced sufficient evidence to prove these two theories.

The eight individuals were created to be unique in their talents for the eight magical winds, drawing their powers to do both battle and talents at their chosen field of specialty. In giving these powers to the individuals, the entity had set about rules and wisdom to start building a civilisation through peace and unity. Before the individuals began building their established hold, they were requested to meet the entity at the top of the tallest mountain called Silver throne.

The mountain was said to be a creation of the entity, a magical terraforming that created a mountain that could reach the sea of stars themselves. It was said that the mountain was formed to be the *peak of communication to the exalted beings from the stars.

(*However, as of current scriptures from Azyr scouts, this communication has been silent since the Age of Chaos. Although some rumours suggest that there has been sightings of a cult that are trying to re-communicate with these exalted entity’s).

It took the eight individuals a month to climb the mountain, it’s height was higher compared to it’s sibling of Valixxinum. For an average person, the trek up the mountain would surely take longer, without a map to show a quicker way of climbing the vast rocky slopes of Silver throne. This was intentional as a defence against trespassers and enemy tribes who would seek to claim the mountain as their own stronghold. 

As the eight figures arrived at the summit of Silver throne, the entity bestowed each individual a gift. Artefacts that represent each individual based on their chosen wind of magic, and their role in the newly created civilisation. Before the entity left, it decreed that these eight individuals will be named the Grey-manes, the highest authority and elders that will guide and teach the generations towards the path of enlightenment. The price for this rank is that these individuals will never own nor seek for reward or self indulgent. 

However, the price was far more deeper than the entity had predicted, its meddling with the winds of magic would have repercussions for this dynasty in the future. 

First and second generation
The transition from first to second generation is unrecorded and sketchy, since during that time no one had recorded but instead tell tales of legends to be passed down to future generations. In fact, no one really knew much about the first Grey-manes and how they successfully established their hold on Aqshy. All that is know, is that they have created a hold in the east as a starting point to build their dynasty.

The second generation however had a few surviving records that started to show the dynasty’s aspirations, culture and philosophy. Notable remaining records found on Grey-manes that lived were Aghrath the Fire born, Barathor the Shadow, Arashar the Metal and Allnaria the Light. It is assumed that the remaining four Grey-manes were traveling around different realms to find new sources of knowledge and people to join their growing dynasty. Also, the titles for the Grey-manes were simple ones, having not established much sophisticated knowledge to be named authentic.

Architecture was first established at this time period, having built simple huts and progressive knowledge on building stone walls for defence. This generation has simple ideals and concepts towards their dream architecture plans for the civilisation to thrive upon. Artworks and planning scrolls that show the future hold was an inspiring presence to many, as they started to build the new hold.

Second generation symbols of the eight magical winds.

By the time the second generation of Grey-manes had passed away, the third generation had carried on the great task of finishing the predecessors goal of building a fortified stronghold for their dynasty. Consistent records show that there has been an evolution for the title of the Grey-manes, with all eight elders being recorded from this generation. 

  • Tenvarskar, The Fireborn (the General of the strongholds army and chief of the ritual leader for Valixxinum day)
  • Arashar, The Alchemist (alchemy master and forger of metals)
  • Malinthor, The shadewatcher (unknown role)
  • Valenheim, The oakwise (ambassador for Alariella and agricultural chief for food and plant life)
  • Lixznumor, The Heaven listener (communicator to the entity and voice of wisdom)
  • Alcazzar, The Cryptkeeper (lord of the crematory and chief of the Crypt cult)
  • Alinaria, The lightseer (mistress of the light covern)
  • Gorkror, The Wildborn (ambassador to Gorrkamorka, and hunter of the wild)

By the time the stronghold was built, the Grey-manes were at their silver age, masters in the art of both battle and peaceful idealists. The Grey-mane dynasty was now fully established, drawing in many travellers and merchants who have flooded the stronghold with goodwill and trade. At this time, the fourth generation were at an age where they can take on more responsibility from their third generation parents. Carrying on the legacy of their ancestors to a new and bright age of peace and harmony.

Landscape art of the Grey-mane dynasty hold by Rangthir Ivo, Third generation era. The painting shows many landmarks that tie to the history of the Grey-mane dynasty, with Silver throne on the left, Volcano Valixxinum at the centre and the Grey-mane stronghold on the right. 

However, the repercussions of the past have now started to take its toll on the third generation, as they realise the full price of what it means to be a Grey-mane.

Next time, we’ll be looking into the next six generations of the Grey-mane dynasty, and how the rapid decline of the old ways leads the Grey-manes towards damnation.


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