This question has been on my mind for quite some time now, ever since I’ve used them in my 1,000pt Khorne Bloodbound army list. The end result was less than desired as the whole unit was wiped out in turn 2-3. So today I wanted to share my thoughts on this question, and what uses the unit can have in a Khorne allied army list.

Before the Blades of Khorne was released, the unit had no armour save, making them easy kill in battle by the dozen. But now that their rules have been updated, they have a 6+ armour save which is helpful in saving a few warriors, as well as the opportunity to use Mystic shield to help buff a +1 save during save rolls (although this won’t be an option If your going for an allied fluff friendly Khorne army). 
But what use is a 6+ unit of Blood Reavers? Well the unit isn’t meant to be a reliant weapon, but rather the front line to deal damage to the enemy, basically their role is to charge into combat and grind the enemy’s wounds. Then once the Blood Reavers are all decimated by enemy units, your hard hitting units like the Blood Warriors and Skullreapers can move forward into combat to finish the job. 

However, the attack characteristic for the unit is quite poor in comparison to Crypt Ghouls, who have 2 attacks each. My advice for improving the units combat effectiveness is to add a Bloodsecrator and an Aspiring Deathbringer with a Bloodaxe, to be in close proximity for their effects to work. The Bloodsecrator can provide a +1 attack totem benefit from the Blood Reavers rule effect, as well as another +1 attack and ignoring battleshock test during the turn you activate the Bloodsecrators totem ability. The Aspiring Deathbringer can improve this total by using his command ability as your general to give Khorne units near him +1 attack. Combing all of these effects total to around 4 attacks for each Bloodreaver! Now if you times that by the unit number (say 20) you’ll have a whopping total of 80 attacks! Whilst not all of the models will be in base contact to pile in their attack (unless you formation them in a way that can have a few more models in base contact), they can still deal a decent amount of damage to the enemy unit.

Battalion warscrolls offer extra benefits to units which can enhance the effectiveness of your unit, for example, a Bloodreaver based warscroll like ‘Dark Feast’ which can buff your units attacks as well as taking no battle shock tests after combat. 
Creating army lists using Bloodreavers can be done in any combination with other Khorne units, but bear in mind that you have to consider what role they will play in the battle and what the oppenent have in their army. Below is an improvised test army list, based on my 1,000pt game.

1,000pt Khorne Bloodbound

1x Slaughterpriest

20x Bloodreavers

20x Bloodreavers 

20x Bloodreavers

1x Bloodsecrator 

1x Bloodstoker

5x Blood Warriors

5x Blood Warriors

1x Dark feast Warscroll 

(If you would like to test this list out, please let me know how it played out and what flaws the list has during the game. Thank you!)


Thank you for reading my first post on the tactical aspect on AoS, I’m not a pro by any means, but I’ve learnt a lot during each game I play. I hope this post has helped inspire you to test out your own combinations and tactics for your games of AoS.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Have a great day today,



3 thoughts on “Are Bloodreavers useful?

    1. Well Bloodreavers aren’t really useful at anything else apart from being meat shields for the warbands lol. They look okay, very tribal like in appearance, but a nightmare when painting a horse of them.

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