Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 3

To start this post off, I apologies for not posting this part yesterday as noted in my last post, I had to delay it due to a stressed muscle in my left arm. Thankfully it’s much better today, so I can continue painting my models! 

In part three, I have not one, but two models painted as part of my growing inquisition warband collection. You’ll probably have noticed these two in my first post, although they were WIP, so they weren’t officially completed at the time of the first post.

Sadly I couldn’t get the backstory done for Inquisitor Heralock on deadline, this is because I’m researching more about the inqusition and other related Terran organisations, to get a better understanding for building a lore friendly character. However, Salvador and Crunch will be explored today!

Anyways, it’s about time to present the next two characters, Inquisitor Heralock of the Ordo Hereticus and Slavdor and Crunch. Enjoy!

Inquisitor Heralock

Salvador and Crunch 

The inquisition warband of the Silence of the Shroud contains many strange and unusual members, that serve Heralock on her quest to eradicate affiliate members of corrupt priests and rouge pskers of the Dawn seekers. In contrast to the members of the warband, Salvador and Crunch are probably the stranger aspects of the group. 

Salvador is a Halfling who, unlike his kin, has an ambition in life to become a soilder for the imperium. But due to his biology and traits of his kin, he couldn’t fit in with the Cadian troopers who mocked him for his ambitious goals (although ironically, those Cadian soilders who mocked Salvador were moked and killed by 9ft Black Legion marines during the 13th Crusade, the Fall of Cadia). So it was that Salvador became a sniper for two years, serving as the eyes for the Cadian troopers on Cadia, until he was tragically wounded by an acid gas grenade. Supposedly, the solider in question thought Salvador was a small Chaos spawn that tried to ambush him. It was later revealed that the trooper was turned renegade who was delusional from staring at the Eye of Terror for too long.

With his face broken beyond repair and unable to serve the Cadian war effort, he was cryo frozen and given to a very curious Tech Priest by the name of Intarnix IV. The priest took Salvadors frozen body back to his Forge world to be repaired. After two weeks of intense surgery and cybernetic upgrades, Salvador returned to life with a new shiny head in a shape of a grinning skull. 

However, Salvador didn’t fully recover, in fact his memory’s were wiped clean from his surgery and upgrades. Wether it was down to his wound being a fatal blow to his memory function, or tampering by the priest was a mystery for him at the time.

For the next ten years, Salvador re-learned how to eat, walk, talk, remember fractions of his past and using his old sniper. In that time of rebuilding himself, Intarnix had been intergrated into the Inquisiton as an ambassador for the Adeptus Mechanicus. He was to join Inquisitor Heralock on her duty to hunt down an organisation called the Dawn Seekers, a heretical group who employ Psykers and Priest to corrupt worlds away from the imperial truth. The Tech Priest took Salvador with him to join the warband as his unofficial assistant, along with his servitor, Crunch. The servitors story is a vague and horrible tale of a begger priest (or doom seeker if I was totally honest) known as Hugos. He lived in the Hive city slums, where he bellowed events of doom and misery for humanity. Whilst Inquisitor Heralock was leading her group down the slums, Hugos caught sight of the Tech priest and insulted him with false gospel. This triggered Intarnix’s logic function for blasphemy of the ommnisiah being false. The doom seeker was dragged from his slum home by Intarnix IV to be ‘repurposed’ for the Tech priests ideal assistant. Now the doomseeker is nothing but a mindless rotting servitor with nothing but one arm to hold an electro whip and carrying military bags of supply’s. 

Salvador could only guess as to what role he will play for the warband, but now he can see himself as a solider serving not only for the inquisition, but for the master of mankind himself.


I hope you have enjoyed this post, and looking forward to seeing more of the warband collection coming up soon. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Hope you all have a great day,


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