I’ve got some great new for you guys today, after months of planning, reading and researching, I’ve finally decided to start my own inquisition warband (something on the line of a Inq28). I’ve been wanting to get into the 40k range for quite a while now, but due to my lack of faith with my Chaos Spacemarine collection (and keeping up with the rules), I’ve been put off from properly going into it. 

However, three months ago I’ve been reading the first of three white dwarf issues on the Gathering storm release, and the Blanchitsu article on the Pylgrim collections. Both of these gave me an idea for getting back into Warhammer 40k, by making a Inq28 style warband! The first obstacle was how to approach this project, I needed a source of lore on the imperium and its many aspects of culture and organisations. That’s when Codex Apocrypha Imperialis came in, with its source material spanning three decades of lore, it was a great starting point for research.

Now I had to see what organisation I wanted to approach on for my warband project. At first I was considering doing an Ordo Malleus warband, but I wasn’t keen on the Grey Knights Terminator kit. If I did go with it however, I would have based it on the Brotherhood of Steel squad lead by Paladin Dance (possibly using the Grand Master Voldus model as he has a great beard similar to Dances beard). Next was the Legio Cybernetica, however I wanted to have a diverse warband of characters that aren’t all the same. 

Eventually, after much research I came to the conclusion of choosing the Ordo Hereticus as my chosen theme for the warband. I like how the Ordo hunts down Wytchs of the imperium in the hive city’s of imperial worlds, which fitted well with having a small warband being deployed in a crowded world. After the theme was chosen, I had to start planning on what kits I wanted to include into my warband. 

About three weeks ago, I bought a new Horus Heresy book, The Master of Mankind (so far from reading it, I’ve really enjoyed it, I recommend getting this book if your interested about the Emperor, Sisters of Silence and the Custodies). As I started reading through the book (no spoilers), I was fascinated by the Sisters of Silence way of communication and personality. Luckily enough, the new plastic kit for Sisters of Silence was recently released, so I’ve decided to use three of them for the warband (however, they’ll also be a full 5x squad for another subject in the future).

Finally, I needed my inquisitor for the warband to lead them into the hunt. It just so happens that an inquisitor was released for the first part of the Gathering Storm series. So this week I’ve brought both the Sisters of Silence and the Gathering Storm kits from my local GW shop (I had a nice conversation with the manger about an idea of making the Sisters of Silence squad with swords as female liberators).

Now that everything is coming together, I’ve been working on my kit bashing skills to create two models for the warband. So without further or do, I present to you the first two (three ish) members of the warband. Enjoy!

Salvador the Haffling and Crunch the Servitor

Inquisitor Heralock the ‘Silence’, leader of the ‘Silence of the shroud’

Currently I haven’t produced any backstory for these two models, but rest assured they’ll be coming pretty soon. I have another six models to add into the warband, so there will be plenty of suprises instore for the series.


Thank you guys for reading this first post of a series that I’m currently working on. This project was inspired by the lore that I’ve been looking into as a source of inspiration, as well as the monthly White Dwarf. As well as being inspired by two bloggers who I follow to see their warband projects. Below are the blogger who inspire me, and I recommend checking out their posts on their warband projects if your interested.

  • Imperialrebelork, The chapel project.
  • High times on the eastern fringe, InQ28 Chapel warband.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Have a great day!,


11 thoughts on “Inquisitor warband ‘Silence of the shroud’ (Ordo Hereticus), part 1

  1. Wow Bjorn. The models and terrain look great so far. Inq28 is so much fun because it allows you to push your own imagination and come up with some cool conversions. Thanks for the shout out. Always nice to help inspire others. I’ve been inspired by many bloggers too. I’m not sure if you saw my first inq28 Warband so here it is for you… https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/the-nquisitor-and-his-retinue-completed-project/

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    1. Thank you! It’s a great break from mass army building, a lot more freedom to experiment and create models for a small warband. I’ll have a look at your first warband post when I have some spare time to fully read the post, I’m interested to see how you’ve started your warband. Thanks for the link! 🙂

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  2. I can only agree with IRO, INQ28 is a lot of fun. It’s like free form 40k. (But in a good way.)

    You’re off to a great start. The halfling is great. Can’t wait to see what else you bring us. And thanks for the shout out. Make sure to follow the rest of the Chapel crew. Plenty of great stuff being produced.

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    1. I like the concept of freedom to kit bash models without the limitation of rules, a great opportunity to really get some creativity to experiment.

      Thank you, the halfling will certainly deliver some black comedy with his servitor partner. The chapel crew, I haven’t heard of the crew to be honest. Could you give the links to their blog site, I’ll check their works and see what they’ve produced for there warbands. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. I find Inq28 is a great pallet cleanser both from a hobby and gaming point of view: you aren’t working to a fixed army list and so there is much more scope for narrative & creativity. Look forward to seeing more of your work 🙂

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    1. I totally agree with you, it’s a lot less fixed building, as well as having more creativity with kit bashing and backstory lore.

      Thank you, I’ll be posting more on the collection very soon. 🙂

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