A recap of the first part of the war for the Whitebark Clan Glade:

Corruption and chaos spreads across the realms by the tides of unified Chaos forces, many would say this was the end of prosperity forever.

Many had fallen or even tainted by the taints of the laughing gods cursed influences. Even legends of old were no match in the Age of Chaos.

However, some have not yet given up hope for the lands they protect and sacrificed for. Especially the Whitebark Clan, who have guarded their sacred glade home for centuries, even if it’s now half the size of the once bountiful and vibrant woodland that it used to be.

But as the saying goes, all things must come to an end, Clan Skelnix was the hammer that ended the stronghold. A great defeat at the hands of Scarrus the Right Claw ensured victory from his attempt at opening the Wormhole for his master, Verminlord Sektretch

Duke Cuirithir retreated, dragging his broken ally treeman back to the glade household, unable to stop the ritual. Only this isn’t the end for the Whitebark Clan, as the Duke retreated from the scene, his eyes and spirit flared with unstoppable rage like a ignition of some sort of deeper energies within him. He may have lost the stronghold, but not his home, not until he rips the Warlord with his own iron bark claws without mercy.

It’s time for nature to strike back at the Chaos tainted creatures and restore the realm to it’s purer life. 

This is the sylvaneths war, and no mercy will be offered.

More information on part two of the path to glory inspired story coming soon.

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