Prop making: dry land samples [updated: 2/3/17]

Just a quick post on prop making for scenery, in paper cut animation. It’s still WIP, so there will be more posts on this sample work tomorrow. Enjoy!

Cut card for the hill background

On the right side, I’ve  basecoated it in brown acrylic paint, with a test texture paint see if the basecoat will work with the paint.

For the left side, I’ve painted it in sand texture paint.

The left side was then fully painted with texture paint to create fissure effects, like cracked dry desert earth.

The right side was then dry brushed using a lighter colour to pick up the raised areas, giving it definition to the desert texture.

Finally, the left side was dry brushed with the same colour as the right side texture. Now that I have two texture samples, I can compare on which one will be best suited to development once the rest of the background is completed.

The tree was done using a separate layer of paper, which will layer over the background to create an easier way to change scenery for animation.

Same as above, this is the second scene that will be a ‘flip environment’ to the desert scenery. I’ll be adding static grass and vegetation materials to create a brighter and healthier background.


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