The fate of Slannesh? [part 1] 

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the uncertainty future of the youngest chaos god in both Warhammer AOS and Warhammer 40k, Slannesh. For the past few years the youngest Chaos God has been on everyone’s mind at late, with AOS having Slannesh being captured and improsoned with he/she fate undecided. Whilst I could talk about the 40k aspect of slannesh, however since he/she is still active in the setting, I’ll mainly just focus on the AOS version.

Why the uncertainty?

Good question, why the uncertainty to one of the four Chaos pantheons who has a deep rooted lore to both the WHFB and AOS? It comes down to a lot of suggestive theory’s and speculations from the gaming community, ranging from sale statistics to the model designs suggestive appearance. Some say it’s because Slannesh related products aren’t selling well as the other three pantheons, which I personally feel may not be true unless there’s some solid proof on the statistics.

However, many say it’s because of Slannesh being related to excess, pleasure and lust that’s being frowned upon by many who see the God as inappropriate for young gamers who are joining the hobby. Design wise, the models evoke the gods influence in form and shape which is also questioned. This has been a controversial situation for years with both sides arguing wether Slannesh should stay as intended, altered to suite younger players or be killed off and replaced.

Why would the gods fate be questioned?

The theory’s/ speculations were made due to the current lore setting for Slannesh in AOS, for he/she became too fat from goring off the vast quantitys souls. This lead to an opportunity for he/she capture, currently imprisoned in a cage by Tyrion years after the End Times. Also something to note on is Archaon’s model only has the three pantheon daemon heads (minus Slannesh), but bears the gods mark on his shield. 

My thoughts on Slannesh’s and He/She’s fate?

To me, Slannesh was the first Chaos God that I’ve liked, since getting my first Chaos codex in 5th edition when I was 13. To be honest I never really saw Slannesh as the God of lust until I was 19, as I’ve imagined that the God was related to arts, luxury and obsessive addiction to music and colour  contrast/intensity. However, I’ve felt embarrassed by this because many would point out the God as being girly and being purple and pink (purple and pink by the way are awesome colours!). Which made me choose Nurgle for a few years.

Only recently have I now decided to go back and see Slannesh more in depth in the HH books. Reading the books have helped me to appreciate Slannesh as a deity not to be fooled with, as prejudice doesn’t define how this god is in any way ‘girly’ at all. In fact recently I’ve seen both male and female hobbyists on blogs and old white dwarf magazines that proudly display their dedicated collection to Slannesh.

As for my views on the fate of Slannesh? I think theirs a chance that the God will continue in the AOS narrative as a an important deity in the mythos. Considering it’s been over a year since AOS first started, and two sad demises of factions being taken off retail, since Slannesh products haven’t been scraped yet shows that GW have something planned up their sleeves for the future. 

In terms of how Slannesh will be continued in the mythos is not simple, as I’ve mentioned earlier there’s the issue of the designs that need addressing. It’s a case of wether the models will retain their forms as always, be altered to be more appealing to younger players or maybe an entire redesign altogether.

Personally, I’m fine with any of the above, as long as it stays true to the source material in a way that fits the lore for Slannesh. But I hope for a continuation either way, and not a scraped faction like Bretonia and the Tomb Kings.


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this, and I hope it might put some joy to those (Slannesh followers mostly) who are feeling worried about the factions future.

I would like to hear your feedback on the post topic, wether it’s your opinion on the matter or even sharing your collection of Slannesh themed army, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. ☺

Part 2 will be focusing on collectors thoughts and feeling on Slannesh’s fate, and why they’ve chosen to collect Slannesh themed army.

Thanks for reading this post!

[note: this post is a topic post based on my opinion of Slannesh, all differing opinions on the topic are acceptable unless it’s hate based which is unacceptable. Slannesh, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Bretonia, Tomb Kings, Horus Hersey and Warhammer Age of Sigmar are owned by Games workshop and respective creators within the company. This post is discussion based post only.]