The Elder Hag is a title given by king Ren himself, for those who can master the arts of enchantment, Alchemy, magic and leadership of a small army. Hexter, Queen of Ren, is the first and still to this day the first of the title. She may not have the majestic inspiration and awe that king Ren is known for, but her magical talents are more potent and devastating than even that of her kings own dark malice.

Hexter creates enchantments from the bones of Crypt Horrors, using them to craft into objects of rewards to warriors that have impressed the king in court. She also creates potions that are beyond the skills of even the master brewers such as Mazagrax the brewer-men and Tazix Valhalu, the Tzeentchian Cult Alchemist. Her skills weren’t just a craft that was practiced and learnt, for she is a descendent of a long line of female alchemists of a long lost legend.

Today we take a indepth look at one of the Liverbone Courts most tragic and dammned members of the inner court, Elder Hag Queen Hexter. This is not only her origin story, but also a story of a tribe that once knew of freedom. A tribe that had risen to dynasty, that which in turn became ashes. Enjoy!

The old ways of the Grey-mane
Once she was a traveling alchemist in rags of ash and dust, traversing the bubbling hot water springs region in the realm of fire, going by the name of Arashar Chemalos. The name ‘Arashar’ is name that was passed down to each generation of female descendent of magical and alchemical talent in the Grey-mane tribe, before the tribe became a royal dynasty during the Age of Myth. The name was given by the elders of ash, a group of wise men and women who own nothing, work for nothing and live but to pass on their knowledge of freedom by not being tempted by luxury nor self importance. The name they have given was the name of the original bloodline of an alchemist of legend, who was said to have created potions and poisons of master craftsmanship.

This Arashar was the ninth in the generation, and the last of the lineage. The original Elders that gave the ninth her name were all but gone when she was seventeen, for they had departed to join their kin in the constellations that embraced their souls for eternity. The new elders who took over had abandoned the old ways to embrace the God kings rein of peace and prosperity. Luxury, pride, lust, greed, envy and self importance had created fools of a mockery in reflection to their departed ancestors.

The new elders were jealous and afraid of Arashar, for she clings on to the old ways with her title and devotion to the tenets she followed. So the seeds of Chaos was sown, the corruption filled the elders with ideas and plots to get rid of the ninth descendent forever.

The fall of Arashar

And so began the threads, one by one was arranged so that Arashar would be set up for accidents and ‘supernatural’ scenarios in relation to her craft. Soon the population of the young dynasty were worried about the Alchemist, so prejudice and insults were thrown at her wherever she went. 

Arashar begged for forgiveness, pleading that without her the whole dynasty would succumb to plagues and diseases. But none would listen to her pleas, but instead laugh at her turmoil, just as planned by the elders.

Soon the Elders put the final nail in the coffin, as they decreed that alchemy would be band, for it would bring about trouble to an age of prosperity and peace. All traces of Arashar were to be erased from history, to be replaced with onyx statues of new gods such as Sigmar, Alarielle, Grimmnir and so on. Arashar was sent out of the city, sent to be outcasted to the wastelands of fire to never return to the city of the Grey-mane dynasty.

In truth however, Arashar was lucky to have left the city, for in a few days time, apocalypse would tear the dynasty to its foundations. In fact, the whole reason why the new elders were leaving the old ways was because they themselves were the puppets of the master of fate himself, Tzeentch!

The seventh and ninth instrumentality

As she left, days past as the city carried on as normal, the elders were joyous at their success at getting rid of the last Arashar for good. However, reports have been coming in of diseases and strange magical anomalies appearing around the city. The elders ignored this however, for they themselves would not care for a few lives lost. But what they didn’t know, was that these were messages that their city would be a battlefield against two gods, a war between Nurgle and Tzeentch!

Soon, the Age of Chaos arrived, the city was in turmoil as the Lord of fate and the Farther of plagues minions battled each other for dominance for this city’s souls. The elders tried to escape, but perished in their attempt to flee from the chaos. Soon the war was over, the gods were bored and left the ruined city to find a new playground to fight. Leaving behind the burnt wreckage of a husk.

Some have suggested that years later, the city returned from the grave, giant men in cold blue armour had risen by a dark storm of neon blue lightning bolts in the sky. The cold iron faces of misery had risen to stand guard over their city again as if it was still alive…….

The fate of Arashar the ninth

As for the last Arashar? She traveled the wastelands of fire, finding food and water whoever she could find them. Her once rich clothing had become rags caked in ash, her skin became pale from exhaustion. She became what her elders had been living by, the souls of nothing who own nothing.

For years she traveled, her hunger was painful for each step she had taken. Soon she fell into a sink hole of ash as she accidentally fell into an old underground temple. She was unconscious for a day until she was awoke by the celestial light of a cosmic entity.

This entity was one of the old elders who Arashar knew when she was young, its name was Astran Grey-mane. It talked to her as if it was flesh and blood, eyes of sorrow as he saw a once proud lineage forgotten by hatred. It told her that all is not lost, that he had a message of hope to her from a wise king. But before it told her of the kings request, Astran revealed a dark secret to her, for the elders had a secret that took a dark irony to their old ways.

For the reason why they own nothing, work for nothing and live to share their knowledge, is because that is their price for eating the flesh of their own kin! This fact alone was an irony to their good and kind nature that they appear when everyone looks up to them as morally right. They have done this for generations, even the original Arashar was a kin eater too!

Arashar was in disbelief at what this entity had revealed, the old ways was a cover up for the acts of feasting on the kin of the dead. All she knew was a lie, a tribe built on nothing but lies. However, the entity gave its reason for these acts, for the price of their sin, they give knowledge and services for nothing. That whilst not morally right for eating the dead kin, they know that a balance must be made to ensure that their people will live on from their wisdom. To enjoy life before being consumed to the realm of their real destination, Nagash’s realm!

Arashar was sceptical at its reasons, but nevertheless understood the equal exchange of their acts. The entity told Arashar that it was a manifestation of the spirit of Astran Grey-mane, a spirit that was bound to a unliving king by the name of Ren. The king was interested in the legend of Arashar from studying the lost legends of the Grey-mane tribe, and he wanted the last descendent to attend his court.

Events after this were sketchy, but it is believed that Arashar had died at the court of king Ren. From her death came a new form from the ashes, the Elder Hag Queen Hexter had risen. Her skills have only grown stronger by her evolution into the Elder Hag Queen, becoming what the elders would consider to be damnation of kin eating.

Her gaze is set on retaking the Grey-mane dynasty city ruins for her own, to retake the home of the original elders and to bring back the old ways for the new generation of kin eating Ghouls. 


Hope you guys have enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or theory’s on this post, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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