As many of you will have noticed, I’m very much enthusiastic about the way Warhammer fantasy is going so far. The rules are great to play against anyone, no matter if they’re new players, or old veterans. New factions look really jaw dropping in their sculpting design, pushing for new and creative ideas for the Age of Sigmar. As well as lore which is slowly improving each year now.

However, I do have some disagreements with AoS, especially in some of its decisions on certain factions and lore continuity from the world-that-was. Today I’ll be giving my thoughts and opinions on my disagreements and what I want to know on AoS. 

Dark Elves being part of the Order Alliance? 

For those of you that have not played Warhammer before AoS, a time when infantry blocks and miscast tables were a thing, the Dark Elves were mostly on the side of evil. Whilst not really part of the chaos faction, they were corrupted in soul rather than physical corruption. 

The backstory behind the Dark Elves was both clever and sad, how a once proud and united race was fractured by betrayal and corruption within the Elven hierarchy (we can all thank Morathi for shaping the events to come, even if her son was burnt to the crisp like an overcooked burger on BBQ). The Witch king has since tried to retake his homeland to reclaim ‘HIS’ rightful throne (I certainly think it should be his tbh), which at the End Times came to be a reality. 

Now I don’t know the fully know the fate of the Elves in the End Times, however, I do know that the Elves reunited as one to fight against Chaos before the end of the world.

Which leads us to AoS, where it appears that the Dark Elves are part of the Order faction. Now I know that the Elves were united, and they aren’t fighting for Ulthaun anymore. But to me, I feel the Dark Elves don’t belong to to the Order Alliance at all. I personally feel that the Dark Elves are unique in that they are a spitting reflection of the High Elves in culture and actions in how they shape themselves to be.

But since this is a new realm that’s been around for nearly 1,000 or so years or more, cultures can change from its original purpose. The Dark Elves could be philosophisers of the dark aspect of elven culture, balanceing with their kin of the light path. This is all a theory from what I can gather, but it’s at least a logical explanation as to what the Dark Elves represent in the Order Alliance of elven kin.

I hope there might be some news that will shed light (or the light fantastic) on what the Dark Elves will be portrayed as in the lore of AoS.

( also, at least three models; The reaper bolt thrower, Dreadlord on Manticore and Dreadlord on footmodels aren’t supported anymore for the official army faction. Just compendium options now 😦 ).

Council of the Thirteen/ Verminlord councils existents?

Having gotten one of the Skaven factions for AoS, Clan Pestilence, a lot of the old lore is still intact within the factions culture and philosophy. However, it didn’t mention at all about the Council of the Thirteen, or wether theirs a new (and slightly better cooperation with council members, I blame you Greyseers for this!) council in place.

I might have overlooked the battletome, but I couldn’t really find anything to do the Council at all. What’s the Skaven hierarchy like now? Is it all separate into different four main clans? Not much is explained on this, but it’s a shame that there’s no council of the thirteen to read on for AoS.  

One of the reasons why I’m so indistsnt on knowing if there is a council is because it was quite an interesting insight into the under-empires politics and how they deal with their currency, soilders, backstabbing intentions and most of all, what the councils intentions are for the surface world.

Slannesh’s disappearence

[I’ve mentioned this before in my subject post of the week, if you want to read about what my thoughts were on that, click here to see the full post.]

Overal, it’s a shame that slannnesh is currently missing in the AoS lore, and he/she’s fate is uncertain for now. It’s something I hope GW will resolve soon with some hope that Slannesh can carry on as normal or changed to fit the current setting of Warhammer.


That’s some of the main points I wanted to point out, there were many more but are small and not so important issues to point out. Whilst I would of liked to have created a Elven Slanneshi cult, I doubt I’d invest in Slannesh models until I know for sure that it will continue on. But here’s hoping for the best!

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Subject of the week: My disagreements and unanswered questions for AoS

  1. I don’t see Order as a Alliance of good guys, rather an Alliance of forces that don’t want to be enslaved/killed/corrupted by the forces of Chaos. I don’t think anyone could argue that the new psycopath Sylvaneth Champion is, in any shape or form, good. Still the hatred of Chaos units her and her followers with the other factions within Order. Dark Elves fight against Chaos not because they suddenly started to love holding hands and wearing flowers in their hair but because they know that Chaos must be held at bay shall they be able to continue their way of life. But hey, this is just me speculating … 🙂

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    1. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s put a new prospective in mind for me. Whilst I know that the Chaos gods have always had disagreements with each other, I didn’t really look into all of the Order faction for their lore. For the Dark Elves, it makes sense as you’ve mentioned that they fight for survival rather than peace and unity (I guess part of me still wants a Chaos aligned Elven army to combine with Slannesh).

      Also as you’ve mentioned about the Sylvaneth, it reminded me about the Dryads in the old world, they didn’t like trespassers of any race, even humans (seems like years ago since I’ve looked at the lore in 8th edition when it was around).

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