The winter bug on Christmas Day -_-

[just to note the first subheading are based on unhappy subjects, if you dont want to go into those the second subheading onwards are more light hearted subjects. Hope you enjoy the post 🙂 ]

The winter bug

First off, I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t posted an update post on my Orgre Ghouls and Crypt ghouls as I’ve promised, I had an unfortunate case of the winter bug. I’ve not been feeling well leading up to Christmas Day, so I’ve had to put the project on hold until my winter bug has gone. Hopefully you’ll understand why I’ve had to put the project on hold, and I hope to fulfil the posts that I’ve promised to do for awhile now.

Update on the War for Ghyran campagin

Last time I’ve mentioned about the campagin story, I’ve announced that part 2 was being at the starting phase planning. Currently I’ve been building up some time to think about how I can improve the story from my first attempt. Therefore the changes for the way the story is presented will be different, but still interesting enough to be told. 

Theses changes will include:

  • Changing the ‘War for Ghyran’ to ‘War for the Whitebark Clan Glade’. This was changed due to the campagin not being entirely set on major battlefield events, but instead based on a small event that stacks up with other battles across the realm of life.
  • The way I’ll be presenting the story will be shortened down to not include short preludes and epilogue. This way I can detail the main story without dragging the narrative with unnecessary filler. The filler will instead be gap filler posts that will be in between each major story posts, which will delve deeper into the aftermath of the battles.
  • Art for the posts will be limited to one per post, due to time constraints on preparing each on before deadline.
  • The campagin could be part of an ongoing story to be continued if me and my friend decide on where the story should go from the final battle. (no spoilers for the ending ;))  

These changes should improve the narrative story posts to be more entertaining and interesting. Part two is still work in progress, but I’ll be sure to update you guys on when it will be posted.

Spreading the word for bloggers

Now that I’ve been blogging for quite a few months now, I’ve seen some fantastic blogging from bloggers who have different passions for blogging. Their works have helped me be inspired to get off the sofa and do some art work, and I want to show my appreciation for their dedicated effort by spreading word about their blog.  

I’m not sure who I’ll mention at the minute, but I’m hoping that soon enough I’ll be making a top 5 list of bloggers that I would like to share and help their community grow. I’m only going to choose bloggers that I follow, so I’m not adding anyone that I dont follow for the time being.


I’ve hoped that everyone is enjoying their Christmas holiday so far, and looking forward to the new year celebration. 

Thanks for reading this post!


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