Frostbone Knights, Ashtheon Court (Liverbone court)

It must have been ages since I’ve last mentioned about building my Flesh-Eater courts army project (actually, a lot of projects were on hold because I’ve been so focused on getting my current course work task completed. I’ve forgotten to post an update post on a few models I’ve done for the collection, I do apologise šŸ˜…). Well today is finally a progressive step up for the project, as I’ve brought a kit of six ogres as my Crypt Horrors. 

In terms of lore behind why my Orgers are used as substitutes models for Crypt Horrors rules, it’s simply to do with the ghoul king blessing his favoured chosen knights of valor (the Ogres). The king shares his accursed blood to his chosen, causing an altertion to the orgers physical and mental state. They’re Vastly better from their blessing with inhuman speed and strength. However, they are subjected to an encrochingly painful eternal hunger, that’s more persistently painful their spell bounded state.

I wanted to create a personalised collection that looks unique to its lore background, by kit bashing various models to create some really impressive models. My inspiration for kit bashing was based from various collectors that have their own unique styles that I’ve been inspired by. 

I can’t remember one of the collectors name, but from what I remembered he/she had a collection of a mixed army of Dark Elves and Undead in one of the White Dwarf issues. There was a unit of zombies with a single ogre model that had Rat Ogre hands kit bashed on to look like big clawed hands. The model was painted to look fit alongside the undead models, which I really liked the visual alteration look once it was painted.

So far I’ve made four Orgres our of the six models, which will be split into two units of three. Hopefully if Christmas doesn’t consume me too much I might be able to post a complete assemble photo of the two units in time. However, I have a post coming up on some Crypt Ghouls that I’ve painted, which will cover on what my colour scheme will be used for the whole project.

That’s all from me, have a great day!


Don’t forget to check out my blog post every week for updates on my art and model collection. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks! šŸ˜Š

2 thoughts on “Frostbone Knights, Ashtheon Court (Liverbone court)

    1. Thanks! It’s an interesting project on doing a mixture of races into the army, which is a great excuse to buy different kits for experimenting on kit bashing.

      The hand conversion was a great way to show the physical change in the ogres, especially when doing a small conversion to create a fitting model for the faction theme. The unit has been completed for assembling, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting an update post.

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