Tonight I’ve got more pictures from my small projects, some are still in progress like my Blood Bowl squad and digital art of Cuirithir. However I do have a completed piece based on my task theme for a 2D protest art, inspired by various artists including Noel Fielding and Richard Hamilton. Hope you enjoy the post!

  • Name: Protest art: Corporate lies 
  • Mediums: watercolour/ newspaper collage

Updated progress on digital art.

First attempt at painting human bloodbowl linemen, using the Astral Templars colour guide.
Repurposed undead Blood Bowl model as a Ghoul king for my AOS FE courts army. Still work in progress.

Work in progress kit bashed model to be made as a Varghulf, using spare blitz. Still not sure on how I will fill the main body for the model.

Updated watchtower with a banner bearing the Clan Skelnix claw mark.

Basecoated Spawn counter.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!


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