Improving my blog posts

Lately I’ve been wondering about my blogging posts, and what worked well, and what didn’t work during the months since I started way back in March. I want to deliver on posting great stuff for both my followers, and to new readers that read my posts. But sometimes I feel like I’m not delivering on great content.

‘The war for Ghyran’ for example was something new for me to try out, as I’ve never done a story based on campagin table top games before. It’s definitely something I’m proud of, because it’s a story that I can share, based on a campaign that me and my friend really enjoyed playing.

 Whilst I’ve put a lot of effort in getting the best out of my ability to deliver on the story, it didn’t catch a lot of people’s attention. Personally I felt it was my fault that I’ve not tried hard enough to spread the story out to hobbyist bloggers, who might be interested in reading it. 

I’ve also done a few art posts, mostly from my art course that I’m currently still working on. But I would like to do art posts that aren’t just from my art course, however I’m unsure on what to do that I can do on a regular basis.

If anyone is interested in commenting on advice on what will help me improve my blog posts, I’d be grateful for the advice. đŸ™‚

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my blog posts, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Improving my blog posts

  1. I am studying also so my absence of likes or comments is due to the fact I’m not on WordPress much.

    Blogging is tricky and it takes time. I think do it for your own creativity and enjoyment, don’t stress about views. The only other thing I can suggest is maybe separate your art and wargaming into separate blogs. Although SOME people will be into both, its more likely one or the other and deviations from their preferred content may be off putting.

    Stick at it and enjoy it for what it is: a creative outlet. Take care dude.

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    1. It’s understandable that not everyone is active WordPress on a regular basis, I totally respect that :). I don’t expect people to like and comment straight away after I’ve posted content.

      I agree that it’s not easy at times, especially when it comes to organising on what to post (although my study in art has helped fill in the gaps for content).

      That’s actually a really good advice, I’ll factor that in to my planning on improving the blog. Thank you for the advice.


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