Thirteen days ago, I posted a count down post for the days left when the AoS campagin story for ‘The War of Ghyran’ will begin. A few weeks back I’ve been posting both backstorys of the factions, (both by me and contributions by my friend) that will be part of this chronicle for the Path to Glory!

Now, the time is nearly upon us for an epic story to be told of two factions, the Whitebark Clan and Clan Skelnix. One seeks to protect their dying homeland from the enemy of nature, whilst the other seeks to establish a new frontier for verminous deeds.
Excited? Your in luck, below is a small extract from tomorrow’s big post, which gives a small glimpse at what’s to come. Enjoy!

Letrix went into a crazy fits of insanity as he clenched his paw, summoning a warpstorm by the arcane knowledge of Skaven magic. He felt the flow of the spell coursing through his warped engine power armour, fueling the spell to full capacity. The pressure of the spells magnitude made Letrix chatter madly, as if it was winter.

The Treelord saw the rat-thing commence his spell, and decided that it should strike at the thing before the spell could be unleashed. Using its sharp talon, the Treelord came close to striking the rat-things beating heart. But sadly, the mad Arch-Warlock was too cunning for the Treelord, and unleashed its spell. A warpstorm appeared like a dark green gargantuan twister, summoned from the cracks of the void.

It shredded the iron oak from the Treelords skin, making it vunrable to penetrate with ease. Tossing him into the air like a ragdoll, the Treelord roared into the sky. As he got higher and higher, it was hit by flying derby in the warpstorm. Then, all of a sudden the storm disappears, without the acceleration of the storm, the wounded Treelord fell back down to the ground with a thud.

The Sylvaneth guardian could regenerate itself easily, but even then it knew that the mad rat-thing would end it before it could have the chance. Unless……it could maybe impale it with enough willpower from the spirits! The forest spirits whispered into the Treelords mind, building his strength to finally put an end to this wretched rat-thing.

Letrix came up to the Treelord, looking at it with a satisfaction as it laid on the ground with exhaustion. He aimed his warplock pistol at the Sylvaneth creature, claw ready to pull the trigger. “Time to burn stick-stick thing, hehehehe!” Said the crazy Arch warlock as he was about to fire.

Suddenly, the Treelord roared as he summoned the earth to rumble, like a sudden earth quake from the undergrowth. Then a mass bundle of sharp roots from the ground came shooting out, aiming  straight for the cold fearful gaze of the Arch-Warlocks beating heart!

Enjoyed the small extract story? If so, check back tomorrow when I’ll be posting a big mammoth blog post on part one in the chronicle campagin of ‘The War of Ghyran’. 
I look forward to seeing how this will go, fingers crossed that it’ll go well! 🙂

If you have any questions, post a comment below, and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

[note: names and locations including- Ghyran, Skaven, Warhammer, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Sylvaneth are owned by Games Workshop. This is fanfiction based post only.]

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