As promised from this mornings post, I present the backstory on the Red Talons Warband for my Age of Sigmar Warband force. However, due to time constraints, I’ve had to separate the backstory into several parts. But I hope you guys enjoy the first part of the backstory, following Sophia’s journey into the path of her patron of Khorne’s Bloodbound. Enjoy!

Twin souls split, origin of Sophia’s fall

The origin of the Red Talons Warband didn’t start until the Age of Chaos’s corruption flowed through the realms. Even the Warband itself was around before then, named the Bloodvipers, a weak and useless Warband in Khorne rageful gaze, until Sophia took the mantel as the new leader. Before we delve into how Sophia became the heartless leader of eternal rage,  we need to look into how she became corrupted by Khorne. 

It was during the Age of Myth, when prosperity was ripe all across the realms, when Sigmars grand alliance created a new haeven for all civilization. In the Realm of fire, a village called Pyrosphere flourished with trade of wealth from its mines of Ashfire ores. A mixed race of Elves and humans worked in harmony, mixing cultures of beliefs into a united banner under the rulership of Sigmar. All those who defy the God kings ways are sent to be dammned into the Pitt of redemption. 

Sophia was a young Elf who was born with a rare mutation of none inborn magic traits, meaning that she can never master or gain the ability to cast magic. However, she became better in the ways of combat, her strength was unatural to her kin, for she had enough physical strength to use greater weapons that her kin would find too heavy to use. Soon she earned a reputation as a mighty warrior, earning her place as a warden guard for the Jarl of Pyrosphere. 

One day, she met a fellow Mage by the name of Alesia, a gifted magician from the Amerthist path. At first they were bitter advisarys, both disagreeing with each other’s profession of magic and blade. This lasted until many years later when they both found kindred spirit, feeling more bonded to each other, as their twin souls became as one powerful union. However, this happiness would be riped from them, as the jealousy of the  Jarl loathed his professed love to Alesia being with someone else. He would make sure that he would get what he wants, even if he would condem an innocent Elven warrior to her death.

The next night, as Alesia and Sophia expressed their dreams and ambitions for their future, they were abruppted by the sounds of shouts and sounds of fire. Suddenly, a horde of zealots broke in and dragged Alesia and Sophia away as they tried to break free from their grasp.

On the edge of the Pitt of redemption, Sophia was trailed to be sentenced to fall in the Pitt, for ‘supposedly’ breaking the orders codes of the God king. Before she was pushed into the underworld, she saw Alesia being dragged into the Jarls house, as he looked at Sophia with a smirk of satisfaction on his lips. 

She fell, falling into the darkness, helpless to do anything but fall to her death. Then she slammed onto the wet surface of the well, unconscious and cold in her blood. Sophia was gone from this world, betrayed by her people, and lost in darkness.

Arise, take the chains of rage!

However, this would not be her fate, for she got up from the darkness and let her rage flow out. She screamed and cursed the zealots and the gods for her imprisonment, climbing out of her prison to take her revenge. On the third day, hunger and dehydration weakens her, but her rage kept her alive. Making every effort to stay alive in hope of a miracle, but alas no sign of a saviour has come. Then, once she let her rage out one last time in solitude, a voice boomed from the darkness. “Sophia, you are chosen to be reborn as a warrior for my Lord. He has seen your efforts,  and enjoys in your screams of pure rage for revenge. But don’t think that this call for your place is for pity, for weakness has no place in Khornes realm. Now, take the chains of rage, and be reborn as a Bloodbound!!!”.

Sophia, finally dellusionally happy that her three days of rage outbursts were finally heard, getting up and attempting to climb the uneven surface of the Pitt. Each climb a pain in her arms and legs, but each one is a step closer to freedom. 

As she finally got out of her prison, she stared in horror as her once flourishing village became a husk of burnt out buildings. She looked around, trying to find any signs of Alesia, but no sign of her. A lone figure walks up to Sophia, a tall barabarian with long legs came up to her. He looked at her for a few minutes before he spoke, examining her to see if she was worthy. “Sophia, I’m surprised that you have survived your sentenced fate. But then again,Khorne himself had told me of vision of an exceptional warrior who might serve great usefulness to my dying Warband. Come now, the trial of the bloodchosen awaits”.

Sophia was about to protest, asking questions about the fate of the village and where Alesia is. But she knew that this barbarian looked tempered, irritating him could spell the end of her short lived freedom.     So it was this moment that Sophia started her path to damnation, her soul now in the clutches of the Blood gods fists. Her ascension to chaos begins here.

[All character names and locations: Khorne, Khorne; Bloodbound, Sigmar, Age of Sigmar are owned respectively by Gamesworkshop. This backstory post is fanfiction made only]

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