13 days to go…..

It’s nearly here, the first part to the War of Ghyran, based one me and my friends Path to Glory campagin. Whilst many of you will know of the backstorys of our factions that we will be playing, for those who don’t know, I’ve put two brief backstory’s for both factions below

The Whitebark Clan

The war on Ghyran has taken its toll, many Sylvaneth warriors are suffering from Nurgles ever growing Pestilens of corruption. But many have stood in the face of annihilation, those few who have the courage, resilients, willpower, strength and determination to defy their fates. This is also very prominent to the Whitebark Clan, seedlings of the Ironbark Clan, iron hearted warriors who will sacrifice themselves to fulfil their roles to protect the realm of life. They protect their glade property from any intruders, if they fail to protect it, then annihilation is one step closer to fufillment.

Clan Skelnix

However, Clan Skelnix might achive this villainous deed. Hailing from the realm of Ghurr, the Clan is formed from many Skaven sub factions into one great host. Led by the demigod Sektretch, the Clan are known to be masters of naval warfare and scout raidings. They are cruel, devious, untrustworthy and egotistical. Whilst they might be lords of the seas, but are they prepared to take on the lords of the glade lands?

Did I mention they’ll be some narrative art for the series? If that’s made you curious on what’s install for the series, here’s a sneak peek at one of part ones illustration art.

Curious to know who or what this creature is? Well in thirteen days time, all will be revealed……

I hope this upcoming blog post series will interest anyone to try out their own campagin narrative story’s, or even a campaign blog series that they want to share and express their passion for the hobby.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Thank you!

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