I felt it was time to update you all on my collections for AoS, as I’ve not been clear on what’s going with the factions as of yet. So I’ve decided to count my existing models (yay, that’s going to take awhile….), therefore giving you a informal list on what’s currently completed, and what’s still in painting process. I’ll be making spotlight posts later on from now on, that will cover each factions backstory, faction heraldry/Icons, who leads them, notable battles and how their actions affect each other. 

If you’ve got any suggestions on what would be best for army lists on the faction lists below, tactics or hobby ideas, post me a comment and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Enjoy!

Clan Skelnix (Allied Skaven alligence)

Units completed so far:

  • 1x Verminlord Corrupter
  • 1x Warlord
  • 1x Screaming Bell
  • 1x Plague priest
  • 6x Rat Ogre’s
  • 6x Pack masters
  • 12x Giant Rats
  • 1x Warlock Engineer
  • 1x Hellpit Abomination
  • 6x Gutter Runners

Units currently in painting process:

  • 20x Plague priests 
  • 80x Clan rats
  • 1x Doom Wheel (needs rebasing)
  • 30x Night Runners
  • 12x Giant rats
  • 2x Warpfire Crew
  • 2x Poisoned wind mortar crew
  • 1x Assassin
  • 1x Warlock Engineer
  • 1x Warlord

The Exiled Seekers (Dark elves and combined Slannesh force)units completed so far:

  • 1x Sorcerer 
  • 1x Dreadlord (on foot)
  • 1x Tenerbrael Shard

Units currently in painting process:

  • 1x Reaperbolt Thrower +2 crew
  • 1x Hydra +2 Beastmasters
  • 10x Black Guard
  • 20x Corsairs
  • 1x Malus Darkblade

The Stagrot Warband (Combined Nurgle force)

Units completed so far: 

  • 1x Great Unclean one
  • 1x Lord of plagues
  • 1x Rotbringers Sorcerer 
  • 1x Harbinger of Decay
  • 10x Chaos Warriors
  • 3x Plague Ogre’s
  • 2x Beasts of Nurgle
  • 10x Plague Bearers of Nurgle
  • 2x Chaos Spawn

Units currently in painting process:

  • 3x Harbingers of Decay
  • 5x Chaos Knights

The Court Of Liverbone ( refferd to as The Court of Ashtheon by Ghouls delusion)

Units completed so far:

  • 1x Crypt Ghast Courtier

Units currently in painting progress:

  • 4x Ghouls
  • 1x Crypt Ghast Coutier

The Followers of Lord of Khorne Sophia’s; Red talons (Khorne Bloodbound warband) 

Units completed so far:

  • 1x Slaughter Priest

Units currently in painting progress:

  • 5x Blood Warriors

The Ivy Drakes of Corland-vale (combined forces of Ironwald Arsonal, Disspossed, Free people’s and Stormcast Eternals)

Units currently completed:

  • 2x canons +3 crew per canon
  • 1x Liberator (may be repainted when joined in 5x liberator unit)
  • 1x General
  • 1x Runesmith
  • 1x Wizard

Currently in painting progress: 

  • 30x Handgunners
  • 30x Handgunners
  • 2x Canons

The unliving Legion of Dovaskar 

Units currently completed:

  • 10x Skeleton warriors 
  • 1x Banshee
  • 1x Wight King 
  • 1x Vanpire on Nightmare
  • 2x Necromancers 

Units currently in painting progress:

  • 10x Skeleton Warrios
  • 10x Grave Guard
  • 5x Blood Knights
  • 3x Spirit Hosts

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