Just a small update on what’s going on with my warband collection of dedication to Khorne. This update is pretty much an add on to my model set of blood warriors from the previous blog post on the kit.

I’ve decided to test my hobby skills by altering one of the Blood warriors into an Icon bearer, this way I can get a +1 bravery for my small unit of five blood warriors. The right arm was easily removed with a hobby cutter, which I’ve saved the axe for a later step. I then used a spare arm from the Chaos knights kit (filing the elbow plate so it’s a smooth surface to super glue on), and glued that onto the joint where the axe arm used to be.

For the icon, I used a spare icon part from my Chaos Space marine set and glued that into the pole. Whilst the icon bearer maybe holding the pole oddly, it does however give it the motion of movement, as if he’s turning and preparing to charge at his prey.

Finally, I did some filing and removed the right arm holding his axe, so that I can glue it behind his back. This is just to show what his equipped weapon is on the battlefield (and to show the opponent that he dose indeed have a weapon on the model), so he can throw his icon aside and bring out his axe to do some close combat action!

That’s all for this update, at some point there will be a progress blog on this unit once I’ve added two more Blood warriors for this unit. Plus, a model kit bashing to make a Bloodsecrator, that I’ll be doing from the spare champion model from the second kit box.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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