So, when I said I didn’t like Khorne Bloodbound during my post (priest!!!), I may have said that a bit over the top. You see, whilst I generally didn’t like Khorne as a chaos God, in basic terms of just being a blood thirsty God who craves for battle and skulls (lots and lots of skulls). 

There is however a small part of me that likes Khorne, during this year I brought my first AoS short story ebook, The Solace of Rage by Guy Haley. The book surprisingly gave me a new prospective on Khorne’s followers (yes they are still skull taking, blood thirsty savages as they’ve always been) but during the progress of the book, certian characters displayed intelligents and logic. [below are minor spoilers to the book, but no major spoilers to the story].

Two of such characters are Skull and Mir, both characters have their unique qualitys that differ to each other. For instance, whilst Skull is a mighty warrior in battle, he serves as Mir’s voice (since Mir can’t verbally talk, only roaring and grunting). He’s a bit smaller than his peers, but what he lacks in size he gains in tactical thinking. He talks in a controlled manner, which is odd in terms of the Bloodbound being know for honest battles and less reason to chat. Finally, knowledge of the rage that every follower of Khorne is consumed in is told by Skull, explaining what happens when the rage goes away. This shows that Skull is aware of what it means to be consumed by the blood rage of following Khorne, and what happens when it finally goes away……..

Then we have Mir, who may seem like a generic warrior of rage, but a closer look reveals that he is more than just a mindless barbarian. Mir my not be able to verbally speak, but his thoughts give a clear painting of his intentions. He wishes to take his revenge, which pleases Khorne as an amusement (since unlike Tzeentch, Khorne prefers honour rather than deception). He cares not for anyone else, but only his single determind purpose to strike down his greatest challenge. He also comes to terms with his past life, showing us that there maybe some guilt or even shame from what he was to who he is now.

From this short book, I’ve already felt a lot more interested in Khorne, not amazingly hyped to build a massive Bloodbound army, but to at least understand what Khorne really means in the eyes of his warriors. Whilst not everyone will like the blood God (Nurgle is still my number one chaos God!), and that’s totally okay!

To finish off this post, I have a small project that’s on currently on standby.

In other news that’s not Khorne related, I’ll be posting an interesting subject post tomorrow about art. So I hope you guys will be looking forward to that! 🙂

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!


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