Today I’ve finally painted my Slaughterpriest, painted in all the savage colours of Khorne. I tried doing a few new practical painting skills, including dark skin tone layering, to basing the model on a frozen ground environment. 

I won’t go into much detail as I’ve not got much time to elaborate on the whole step by step colour scheme, though I’ll maybe do a guide if anyone’s interested. πŸ™‚

Anyway, enough stalling from me, here’s some photos of the model, enjoy!

Below is a size comparison on how tall this model is compared to a Stormcast Eternal!

Currently I’m busy back at doing my art course, so content wise will be very limited. However, I will post at least one post each week if possible to keep the content flowing. πŸ™‚

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Dorskarrix, Slaughterpriest

    1. Thank you very much for the compliment! πŸ™‚

      I didn’t really like how the Khorne models had too much bright brass trim colours and plain red armour coating, so I decided to use colours that would work well in contrast to both the skin tone and the silver armour trim. Which surprisingly resulted in a gritty, and less cartoony looking paint job.

      Speaking of Khorne, I’ve got three blood warriors on stand by (after I’ve got another two to make a full required unit), I’ll be using the same colour scheme I did on the priest for the blood warriors.

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      1. I totally agree, although I’ve seen many hobby painters do some really good gritty and realistic painted Khorne models.

        Thank you, hopefully I’ll be able to do the next lot of models very soon :).

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  1. Nice job, I’m getting ready to do my Slaughterpriest for the painting comp at my local GW store. I like the basing that you’ve done for him, I’ve only just started progressing beyond texture paints or Agrellan Earth haha.

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    1. Thank you! Good luck on your Slaughterpriest model in the painting competition.

      Thanks for the compliment, the basing was actually a test practice to see how combined textures would look on the base to make it look like frost glaciers. Trying out different techniques and texture layers will build up your skills to do some awesome basing environments. I used to PVA sand bases before texture paints came along, it was a nightmare for me to do sand bases lol.

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