The Dovaskar Legacy- part 1: Dreadlord Tilanth, leader of the Red Scarlet dynasty

To start off ‘The Dovaskar Legacy’ series, I present the first of the Aelf of the Red Scarlet dynasty, enjoy!

Tilanth was four generations down the lost royal blood line after the decimation of his birth realm, Ghur. His great grandfather,the disgraced  King, passed on his fateful memory’s of the day when chaos came to their city, remembering everything that had happen. 

Since then, he has passed this on to his sons and daughters, who in turn pass on the story to their sons and daughters. Tilanth is the current blood born to learn of his kins story. So it began, when he announced to the gods that he will avenge his fallen ancestors, be it by the gods help or not.

It took decades for Tilanth years to build up his army, from allying with the privateers of the sky ships, to the beast masters of serpents. He has so far outdone his forefathers, doing what they couldn’t do in a thousand years. 

But Tilanth lacks knowledge of where his homeland is located, all recordings of where the city was were all but destroyed. However, he has been contacted by a mysterious entity from a realm hole shard, calling itself Dovaskar. 

Dovaskar wants Tilanth to come to the realm of Shyish, to a place called Greykeep, where he will help the young Dreadlord find what he seeks. Wether Tilanth will heed the entity’s words, that will be another story for now.

||Next story-Part 2: The Red Queen, Friday 6th May||


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