Clan Moulder army (so far)

I thought it would be time to show my first ever fully painted army for AOS, Clans Moulder. I spent nearly 6 months painting all the models to a good standard, getting into the motivation to painting all the models.
Since I already had all the models needed to use a fully playable faction, I decided that I needed to give my models an identity, something that is noticeable and striking. So when I looked through my old White Dwarf collection, I found some visual inspirational that I evolved into my own colour scheme. 

The army would be centred around a wealthy packmaster, who has had guidance from the clans  ancestral skills for handling and breeding beasts. The clan would be a minor clan of Clan Moulder, calling their minor clan ‘Clan Sethyran’. Their base of operation is in the realm of Ghyran, where they are forming an alliance with Clan Pestilance, especially under the agreement with Verminlord Corrupter, Sektretch.

The next plan now is to add more Giant rats to my two units, and hopefully have a combined number of 30 models in each unit. Then I’ll add two more Rat Ogres to my two units, totalling up to four Rat Ogres in each unit. Finally I’ll paint five more Chaos hounds to the unit to make a unit of ten (I might substitute this unit as a Wolf rat unit).


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