Art canvases

These are some of the canvas paintings that I’ve done during my last year at school. My skills have varied through each of the canvases as my skills for painting got better (well not exactly art pro stuff, but exceptional good).

 This was my first ever canvas painting, based on my imaginations on my own fictional manga series, Drakken. I don’t like it as much as I used to, since I see it as a bit generic for my taste now. But I still like some of the parts to the canvas, especially Brex, the top left picture. My painting skills have vastly improved from what I learnt from painting this canvas.

  During my GCSE Art work, I had to paint an object within a picture that relates to it. So after I researched different pictures of Plague doctors, I gathered my reference pictures and painted a canvas picture. If you look closely at the eye glass, you can see a reflection of what this plague doctor is looking at………

 My final canvas painting is something that I will keep for the rest of my life. This canvas has saved me from a near down hill of losing my GCSE final exam.

Thankfully, I was told that I could do a canvas art instead, based on my research work. The finished result was amazing, I only had two days to complete this canvas!


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