Model stage set design: H.I.V.E base part 1

This is a stage set design based on Mark Waldens book series, H.I.V.E. There are two sets that are interchangeable, one based on hives secret volcano island, and the other is based on the metal corridor interior of hives base.

The process for making the volcano was made by using tape, and scrunched up news paper balls. Tapeing all the newspaper balls together, making sure the overal object is in a shape of a volcano. I then basecoated it in black, with later stages of drybrushing in lighter greys.

I added some static grass and painted lava effect, to make it look realistic and more natural in appearance.


The aircraft was made by using green putty and cocktail sticks, forming the putty around the cocktail sticks to form an aircraft shape. Finally, I basecoated it in black acrylic paint. I wanted it to look like a dark shape flying across the sun set, and into the bases secret entrance.

The background was added to bring a scenic purpose to the set, that makes the stage set more appealing. I used faint green tones to the sun set and sea, to add a bit of mystery to the model set.

Part 2 will be about the interior stage set, with some notes on how I made the designs on the interior.

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