Side project: Plague Ogors (or Ogres)


Today I thought I’d share my progress on my side project for my Nurgle AOS army. I wasn’t able to complete my clan Pestilens painting blog, because I was busy with loads of stuff. But I’ll be posting the blog hopefully tonight.

These two Ogors ( don’t worry, I haven’t misspelt them, it’s what they are called in AOS, but you can still call them ‘Ogres’ still) are part of my plague Ogors unit. Rather than using Forge worlds models, I painted and altered a kit of Ogors.


The picture above shows my first model that I painted, I kept the base decoration the same as the Skaven bases, mainly because I wanted an alliance army to join my Skaven army. Out of all the chaos factions to choose from, I decided to choose Nurgle units as a small force to ally with. 

I used green putty to create a rough surface for weapons and armour. Once painted, it really gives the model the Nurgle taint aesthetic appearance.

The second Plague Ogor has the mark of Nurgle on his left shoulder, I thought it would help make this model be more defined as the units champion. There’s only one more model to paint, then that will be a full unit painted. 
If anyone’s interested on how I painted the two model, or how I did the green putty effect, leave a comment on this post 🙂

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