Clan Pestilens: Plague priest 

  A new additition to the army has arrived, in form of a crazy plague priest named Kristitch. Unlike the Verminlord, the priest (and all other troops/heroes that I’ll be adding soon) have blazing red fur and dark purple skin. 

 The reason why I’m using purple colours as the skin tone, is because it works really well with the serpent green rags. I like the purple colour scheme, because it seperates my Clan Pestliens army from the rest of the other clans. But it also fits well with the other clans, because of their serpent green uniform (or rags) that binds them all together. 

  I’ll be making a painting guid blog on to how paint plague monks, at some point next week. I’ll be giving tips on how to paint them in the same colour scheme that I used for the plague priest.

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