Release the beast! (Spin off blog)


Whilst I was painting my Verminlord yesterday, I’ve also been finishing off my Hellpit Abomination as well. The model is part of my Clan Moulder collection which I started a few weeks after AOS was released. 

I based the model in the same environment as the Verminlord (even though they are from seperate clans), because I might combin them  in some games of AOS as a bigger army under one banner.

Although I mentioned that I’ve started AOS by painting my Clan Pestilens, I’ve actually started Re-basing my Clan Moulder first. The reason why I’m doing Clan Pestilens as my main AOS faction is because it’s an entirely new faction for me to build up. So I thought I’d make a blog series of me starting a new faction.


I personally think it’s not done yet, there’s still some areas that need painting on the model. But so far it looks really good, I pretty much like the ‘blood for the blood God’ technical paint on the fists.

 After I’ve done painting this beast, I’ll focus on finishing some giant rats and a packmaster. Once they are done, I’ll make a blog on the faction with a backstory for my army.

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