Clan Pestilens: Monks and priest.

I thought I’d rest from painting the Verminlord for a few days, to focus on building my first unit of twenty plague monks. I decided to make the Harbinger use a bell chimer, the Bringer-of-the-word have a plague scroll and the Icon bearer have the contagion banner. The rest of the unit have double blades, since I prefer having a really good close combat unit to use when I need them to weaken enemy infantry fast (if the great Horned rat blesses them in combat!!)

  As I’ve mentioned on one of my past posts, I’m working going to re-painting my plague priest after I’ve completed my Verminlord, Sektretch. I have a good colour scheme in mind, although I’m not going to reveal it yet on this post. This is because I want to do a painting guide on a future blog  on how to paint a plague monk. The picture below is my current painted plague priest.

  The reason why I’m re-painting him is because the current paint palett I used for him is too dull and very messy. But since I’ve decided to make a Clan Pestilens army a week ago, I’ll have more ambition to get a fully organised painted army done, now that I’ve been blogging.

Hopefully if I get my Verminlord done by tomorrow, I’ll post the final update on the painting. Then I’ll start doing the re-painting blogs on my plague priest.

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