Clan pestilens: update on Verminlord Sektretch part 4

  Today, I’ve made a massive effort to paint the Verminlord to a near finish. The model is just about done, only minor detail like the tail spikes and ruined architecture.  I might do some drybrushing for the spikes in acrylic white, since painting the spikes in multiple layers is kind of time consuming to do.

  I chose to paint the tail in purple colours, because I felt that it suited the cool tones of the skin colour. For the bands around the tail, I’ll be doing the same colour scheme for rusty metal armour. The foot claws are a mixed bag for me at the minute. I like how I’ve painted them, but I feel that it’s end result is out of place. I might use some darker ink applications, and see if that might help to make them look less bright.

  I’ve had an idea for the base when I was basecoating  it. Since there’s enough room at the back, I glue the spare Verminlord Deciver head at the back to represent my Verminlords deceptive side to his own kin. It’s only an idea at the minute, but if it looks good enough on the base, I’ll paint the spare head  separately and glut it in place.

The next and final phase for painting this model is to finish off the details on the model, and to decorate the model base. 



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