Why its good to promote art works

This is a short blog explaining advantages and disadvantages on why its useful to promote your art works on social media and blogs. When it comes to promoting art works on social media/ blogging sites, it can help to attract different audiences to your site to look at your work. This can be especially useful if your building up yourself to have a community that has interest in your works, and just maybe someone who might want to employ you.

The advantages of promoting your art work on social media/ blogging sites is that you have a variety of ways to get people to share your site to others as a recommendation. Unlike local market places and city street stalls, the media platform will probably get you more noticed than setting a stall up (note: you might not get instant results, it depends on how you present your art works and what your target audience is on your chosen media site).

The disadvantages are that you might not get as much followers as you might be hoping for, not everyone will see your work and like it. You may also have a lot of people who will give you a lot of criticism, (its not a bad thing to have someone who will have some dislikes on your work), but you have to accept peoples opinions and learn from it to improve. But criticism that are purely used as insults and childish behaviour is unacceptable. It can make you feel bad about your talent for art when your constantly being bullied and insulted.

I hope this helps those who are just starting out doing their art portfolios on the internet. 🙂

(Note: Also, be careful what your posting on your art portfolio, making sure the content you post is yours, and not copying from someone else without their permission.)



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