Harbinger warband: part 1

I thought I’d post a few pictures of my Nurgle Chaos space marine collection. The warband is called Harbinger, a broken group of outcasts from the Deathguard legion who specialise in their own plague named ‘Exstrogrogasnis’. 

  The warbands main leader is Throaxer, a Daemon prince who has a reputation of decimating Imperial guardsmen by using his unholy sword to infect them, and turns them into plague zombies!

  Ghoulosius was once Captain of the Harbinger warband, until he was badly wounded during the Hollow wars in the 40M. He was burdened with the donning of the Helbrute, to be forever trapped inside its warped embrace. Now he goes to war with no mercy for those that stand in his way.

  “The Rust Crab of Hollow” is known by many surviving Imperial guardsmen who fought in that war, for the terror that they witnessed. An abomination that ‘enjoys’ hunting its prey, slowly scraping its rusty claws in delight as it overshadows those who are too fearful at what fate that awaits them.

These five are plague marines are Harbingers most skilled and deadly in their rank as top guards to their Lord, Throaxer.(First picture showing all five plague marines) From the left is Tholius, Idolixius, Boliusiux, Balvix and Dorthium.

If you have any questions about my collection, post your questions and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. 🙂

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